How does Vapor King Rebel Help in Quitting Smoking

Vapor king Rebel is a renowned brand in the e cig market that has helped thousands of people quit smoking and continues to do so. Despite the controversy surrounding e cigarettes being hazardous for health and dangerous, it has been clinically proven that they are safer than tobacco cigarette. Vapor King Rebel save people from tobacco related diseases such as heart disease, lung cancer, mouth cancer, hypertension, tuberculosis etc. Vapor King Rebel does not contain carcinogens or any harmful substances found in tobacco or cartridges of other e cig brands. Over 44000 people in the United Kingdom and 100 000 people in the USA die due to the smoking of tobacco cigarette each year. As a therapy to cure this deadly habit nicotine patches and gums have been used in the past but still there is a large mortality and morbidity rate due to smoking. Dr Klaus lesnau specialist at New York hospital stated: Tobacco is the leading cause of death and disease in the US


According to a study 4% people who smoke e cigarettes smoke it as an addition to cigarettes while 79% people smoke it as a complete replacement of the tobacco cigarette while 17% use it as a partial replacement. According to American study of public health physicians four million out of eight million smokers in the states will die of tobacco related diseases if the switch to e cigarette is not made. Doctors and scientist call e cigarette as a” harm reduction therapy”. As all the other methods of quitting bring only 8% results

The nicotine liquid E liquid in Vapor King Rebel is free of cancer causing carcinogens and the atomizer vaporizes the E liquid, which is inhaled in the form of vapor, and with the glycol base only a weak concentration of nicotine is left, and brings no harm to the user. The E liquid contains propylene glycol, used as a base which is declared safe by the FDA. Although nicotine is not entirely safe but for people who are smoking tobacco can use this as a nicotine replacement therapy. According to the Boston University School of public health study 222 people were tested over a six month period , they were given nicotine patches , gums , inhalers , as well as e cigarettes. Only 18% of them found any of the methods other than e cigarettes effective while 31% of them claimed that they did not smoke tobacco after consuming e cigarette.

According to Jean-François Etter,s study 77% people use E cigarette as they believe it helps them overcome tobacco addiction and 79% because it helps them quit smoking.

Vapor King Rebel can counter nicotine addiction, as it also offers empty cartridges of cigarettes to consumers so that they can lessen the amount day by day till a point comes that they are free from nicotine dependency. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical and nicotine dependency can lead to several problems for users therefore Vapor King Rebel offers nicotine free E liquid which can be consumed once the person is free from nicotine addiction. The WHO (World health organization) has proven e cigarette as a safer alternative. Vapor King Rebel is also preferable as it comes in a variety of flavors such as melon tobacco and cherry while nicotine patches and inhalers are not enjoyable. Therefore Vapor King Rebel is an enjoyable and a healthier alternative to smoking lethal tobacco and can help a person quit.


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