It is a fact that smoking cigarettes or tobacco can kill. It slowly kills the organs inside the human body. Smoking causes about 40 different diseases and most common diseases that can be resulted from smoking are cancer, heart diseases, and lung diseases. It kills the organs inside the human body because when the heart fails to function properly, which is pumping blood to all organs of the body, the organs die due to the lack of blood being pumped to them and the poor circulation of blood.
All tobacco contains nicotine, which is a very addictive chemical substance and the main reason why people get addicted to smoking tobacco. Nicotine is actually a neurotoxin, and was in fact used as an effective insecticide. Just imagine that smoking tobacco daily means inhaling nicotine into the human body, similar to inhaling insecticide every day. This is definitely a weapon to slowly kill the human body. And therefore, must be stopped. However, as mentioned earlier, nicotine is very addictive and this means that it would be hard or impossible for smokers to simply lay off smoking tobacco. This is where e-cigarettes come in.
E-cigarettes were introduced to help smokers quit smoking. This type of cigarette is electronically operated and instead of burning and producing nicotine smoke, there is a part inside the cigarette that heats up and turns the liquid nicotine into vapor. This way, smoke is not being inhaled and there is no production of secondhand smoke; which is safer than smoking real cigars or tobacco. But how will e-cigarettes help those who want to quit smoking tobacco?
People cannot simply quit smoking because, as mentioned, nicotine is a very addictive chemical substance. And if nicotine addicts don’t get their dose of nicotine, they become irritated and all stressed out. Some even get sick because of stressing over cigarette. Since it will be hard for tobacco and cigarette smokers to quit smoking, e-cigarettes come in bringing safer cigarettes that still has nicotine in it. With e-cigarettes, smokers can get by to quit smoking tobacco and regular cigarettes and avoid the effects of tobacco smoking to the body. They will also not be deprived of nicotine even when they already quit smoking tobacco.
For those who have decided to quit smoking tobacco, using e-cigarettes is the solution. Even when they think that they can get by quitting tobacco without any alternative such as nicotine patch or any other herbs, it is impossible. They would still find a way to get their fix dose of nicotine. E-cigarettes are the best alternative yet to tobacco or regular cigarettes. It still contains the nicotine which smokers are addicted to, but this time the nicotine in e-cigarettes are safer than those in tobacco and regular cigars. Other advantages of e-cigarettes are that tobacco law of by the U.S. government does not apply to this type of cigarette since it is not tobacco. In addition, people can light it up anywhere since it doesn’t produce secondhand smoke and cannot harm other people in the surroundings.


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