How Electronic Cigarette is better than Tobacco Cigarette

The electronic cigarette was launched in 2007 and since then huge controversy surrounds it. The FDA (food and drug administration declared the e cigarettes unsafe however; there are numerous medical benefits of e cigarettes that were found through research. The FDA approved devices such as nicotine patches and gums were hardly useful in getting people off fixation therefore e cigarettes are now being used as a harm reduction therapy. Experts say that they are less dangerous than tobacco cigarettes and can prove to save lives.

Nicotine reduction therapy

Nicotine is an addictive chemical found in tobacco cigarette and if used in large amounts in the end can prove to be fatal as it lowers the amount of insulin in the blood. The more the person smokes the more nicotine receptors are produced in the body that increase his nicotine needs and the release of dopamine gives a temporary sensation that one cannot resist. Electronic cigarette gives the user the luxury to choose the amount of nicotine they add in the electronic cigarette. This allows the user to be able to lessen the amount of nicotine they add in its cartridge day by day until the person is rid of nicotine fixation. An electronic cigarette, which does not contain any nicotine, can be used after the person overcomes the fixation so that he can be free from nicotine related diseases.

Cancerous substances

Moreover, the electronic cigarette does not contain the cancer causing carcinogens found in the regular cigarette and saves the person from the risk of mouth and lung cancer. The amount of carcinogens is a 1000 time lower in e cigarettes.

Popularity and the preference of people:

The electronic cigarette is now being used as a means to quit tobacco and people believe they have found a safer alternative. The American Association of Physicians sates that e cigarettes will save the lives of 4 out of 8 million people who will otherwise die of tobacco related diseases. An online research in UK based on 1400 people proved that 76% of them used e cigarette as a means to quit smoking. The University of East London held a research survey on 1,123 ex and 218 current smokers and three quarter of the said of them said that they used e cigarettes as a complete alternative to smoking tobacco and 7 percent said they were using it for health reasons, which proves its health benefits for the user. 86 % of them confessed that they had not used any form of tobacco cigarette since they started using. Moreover, studies show that 79% people used the electronic cigarette as a complete alternative to tobacco.

Environment and passive smokers

Tobacco smoking not only harms the smoker but also the people around him who inhale the smoke become passive smokers and have chances of suffering from respiratory diseases. Pregnant mothers and young children often become victims. However, the electronic cigarette does not produce any smoke and therefore do not harm the environment or the people around. E cigarettes produce vaporized nicotine from the e cigarettes battery powered atomizer and is much less harmful compared to smoke.

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