How Electronic Cigarettes Medically Benefit the Users

There is a debate since the introduction of electronic cigarettes in 2007 whether these are actually beneficial for health or hazardous with their various side effects. E-cigarette basically vaporizes a liquid solution into an aerosol mist, and the FDA (Food and drug administration) claimed to have found harmful chemicals in it. There is also a debate those Electronic cigarettes that provide its users with a substitute to smoking and are not as injurious as the actual smoke is   true, however the e- cigarettes are still composed of chemicals that can be harmful and nicotine is also a part of its composition. Studies have proven that liquid nicotine does not produce the same harmful smoke that may cause cancer or various types of respiratory diseases.  Electronic cigarettes if used appropriately may actually be beneficial for chain smokers of the regular tobacco.

As a replacement for the traditional tobacco cigarette there is less risk of cancer and respiratory diseases. Also according to the Boston School of public health study Electronic cigarettes were declared more safe and healthy, and that the level of carcinogens in electronic cigarettes is up to 1,000 times lower than regular cigarettes. Hence in comparison, Electronic cigarettes are beneficial as they stimulate the act of tobacco smoking in its users, giving them an option to quit smoking which further avoids the risk of heart related illnesses, cancer, hypertension and other effects caused by smoking.

According to the European society of cardiology “electronic cigarettes are not a healthy habit but they are a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes”. According to a study conducted 22 young people were tested after consuming electronic cigarettes and 20 young people after consuming the regular cigarettes. The e-cigarette consumers only showed a slight increase in blood pressure; the tobacco cigarettes consumers experienced highly elevated blood pressure, increase in heartbeat, and showing significant amount of dysfunction. Using these statements it can be verified that e- smoking is not a healthy activity and has side effects, but if used for the purpose it is designed for, i.e help smokers quit the act of smoking, it has proven to be beneficial and healthy. Studies conducted at the University of California state that electronic cigarettes may actually reduce the mortality rate in; comparison to traditional tobacco cigarette .The body inhales liquid nicotine and releases it in the form of water vapor from the body which does not leave harm to a person.

Secondly choose the amount of liquid nicotine present in an E- cigarette can be controlled by the user himself, hence the amount can be lessened day by day till a point where the addiction stops and the person may switch to nicotine free e-cigarette. Studies have claimed that the amount of nicotine present in electronic cigarettes is the same as the amount in nicotine patches. This shows that this may be used as a medicinal product if used as intended, and this is why countries such as Austria have declared the e-cigarette as a pharmaceutical product and not harmful device or drug. Studies show that 79% people who smoked e-cigarette used it as a means to replace tobacco. The manufacturers are also working to prevent the rest of 21 % population from misusing the product.

Hence alongside the negative use of electronic cigarettes AAPH recommends that the flip side to e-cigarettes is that they proved to be beneficial for half of the eight million smokers in the United States who would otherwise die of tobacco related diseases.


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