Most people already know that smoking cigarettes or tobacco is not good for their health. However, aware they may be, still they don’t stop smoking cigarette. The reason for this is because it is not easy for them to stop smoking. Smoking is not merely a phase in life where one can merely forget or get pass through it. Smoking is something that when get started, it’s not easy to end it. People who get used to smoking cigarettes will have a hard time quitting, or might not even be able to stop at all. The reason for this is because of the nicotine content in cigarettes and tobacco.
Nicotine is a very addictive product and also harmful to the body when consumed in big amounts. It is actually a neurotoxin that functions as an insecticide and it is actually a known insecticide during the past years. However, in small amounts, it acts as stimulant to humans and this is the reason for its addictive effect on people and why it is hard for smoke addicts to just stop smoking.
But the question is how does nicotine endanger lives? Since nicotine can be found in all tobacco products, people tend to get addicted with tobacco smoking because of the nicotine content. And it is a fact that tobacco smoking causes a lot of diseases and leads to death. Mostly common diseases that are caused by smoking cigars and tobacco are cancer, heart diseases or sometimes sudden heart attacks, and lots of lung diseases. Moreover, if heart failure occurs, other organs in the body may not function properly because the heart ceases to pump blood to the other organs. This will then cause the other organs in the body to die. Smoking tobacco does slowly kill the victim from the inside.
Due to the great danger that is brought by smoking tobacco, e-cigarettes were introduced. Wherein, instead of burning chemicals in the cigar to produce smoke, e-cigarettes heat up and turns liquid nicotine to vapor and this is what smokers inhale then. It was also said that e-cigarettes help tobacco smokers to quit smoking, and that this type of cigarette is a lot safer compared to the regular cigarette and tobacco. In addition, e-cigarettes also reduce pollution to the environment since it does not produce secondhand smoke unlike real cigars and tobacco.
However, there were reports that said doctors are still not convinced with what e-cigarettes are introducing to humans. They are not sure whether it is safe to inhale vapors of liquid nicotine and that e-cigarettes have pure nicotine content in it.
Nonetheless, comparing it with addiction to smoking cigars or tobacco, e-cigarettes is a way better option since it helps with the addiction. And there were no reports yet that says e-cigarettes causes a lot of diseases, unlike smoking real cigars and tobacco. So since it is hard for nicotine addicts to quit smoking, e-cigarettes is the solution. It still does contain nicotine, that’s how it helps with the addiction, but it doesn’t have the same effects as smoking tobacco.

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