How to look after an electronic cigarette for a longer usable life

Once an individual has become a regular consumer of the electronic cigarette, and are happily enjoying every minute of it. There are a few important tips one should keep in mind; electronic cigarettes require a little extra care if a person wants to experience the best usage quality out of it for a longer period. These tips are very informative and easy.


Starting with the atomizer, the atomizer is one of the main and important features of the electronic cigarette, it enables the device to convert e-liquids into vapors, and it has a filament similar to that in a light bulb. It is important to clean the atomizer once in a week as it is use to inhale vapors, there may be some residues which remain on the inside of the atomizer which may affect health.

HOW TO CLEAN: In order to clean the atomizer, one needs to first detach the battery and the cartridge, place a cloth/napkin on the above level of the electronic cigarette, and blow air from the other side. If the amount of vapor decreases due to heavy intensity of residues, just put the atomizer in ethanol for a couple of hours. In addition, there should be a constant balance between the e-liquid, it should be neither less nor more, rather moderate to avoid gurgling or throat sting.


Secondly comes the battery which does not require any specific upkeep since it has the latest lithium technology which provides quality power to the electronic cigarettes for quite a long time but for further safety just recharge the battery when it has completely drained out and do not leave batteries on for more than it is required. Turn of the electronic cigarette with the help of the on/off click while not in use to save battery.


According to scientists, one cartridge of the e cig is tantamount to twenty cigarettes and for a chain smoker it becomes fifteen since they inhale more vapors.  It is important to clean the cartridge of the electronic cigarette once every 3 days, it is a very easy method to clean the cartridge one just need to make sure that rest of the components are already clean. Sterilize the cartridge in the proprietary sterilizing solution use to clean the baby bottles and leave in it for an hour at least. In case proprietary machine is not available just place the cartridge on a piece of cloth over the night, and the excess liquid will pour out of it.

  • It is very important to safeguard the e cig from falling from a height, or to be stepped over its components, as it will cause serious damage and irreparable harm to the e cig. While not in use, put the e cig in its cover to avoid further damage.
  • An electronic cigarette consumer should keep these basic factors in mind in order to enjoy the best and maximal usage out of the e cig for as long as possible.


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