How to Look After Electronic Cigars

Electronic Cigars also known as E-Cigars come in various prices and have been launched by several brands in the market. Some have acknowledged them as beneficial alternatives to the tobacco cigars and are therefore short of the dosage of the harmful nicotine chemicals and thus safer. Electronic Cigars are electronic appliances and like all other devices they require a specified maintenance to ensure their proper functioning.

Electronic cigars come with various attachments such as replaceable batteries, refill cartridges, carrying case with replacement body etc. It also has various types such as disposable electronic cigar .It is highly important to thoroughly read the manual which comes with each set. Although all brands of electronic cigars function the same way but there may be slight changes.

Precautions and Care:

All the items of the kit including the batteries and refill cartridges must be kept on a cloth before opening and aligned away from each other. The battery must be charged when completely exhausted which would maximize its life. To fill the cartridges with the liquid a hypodermic syringe must always be used. If the kit does not include it the users must keep one of their own as the spillage of the nicotine liquid could result in loss of cartridge and it should not have direct contact with skin, especially if it is sensitive. The electronic cigars while charged and connected with its attachment must not be kept in the pocket or purse to avoid injury

The special electronic cigar chargers must never be used with standard batteries.

The batteries of the electronic cigars of two types protected and unprotected. The lithium-ion battery is unprotected and has chances of exploding or burning. A protected battery with a protective circuit should be used for this purpose which will prevent explosion even if over charged.

Batteries such as automatic batteries are charged by the rush of air or vibrations therefore must not be used in noisy atmosphere as they may be activated so many times that they end up burning the battery or atomizer or cause battery stains.

Maintenance and cleaning:

The battery should be cleaned with purified alcohol to ensure its proper function. The atomizer may be cleaned with a plain paper tissue. Incase if the electronic cigars are not producing vapour the user can blow through the side where the liquid goes in and from the other side liquid will start coming out.

While replacing cartridge the mouth piece needs to be cleaned before putting in the new piece. By adding 2 drops of hot water it should be cleansed and dried and afterwards the user must check whether it’s still brown or is clean. The procedure may have to be repeated before the new cartridge is put in.

The atomizer while pressing the button to inhale the vapor must not be allowed to get too hot as high temperatures may cause damage to the device. When the electronic cigar comes to a point when little vapor is coming out the cartridge to be changed immediately and continuously pressing the button should be avoided

Hence, it can be concluded that electronic cigars are perfectly safe as long as the user is aware of its functioning and takes the right precautions and care

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