How to Maintain an Electronic Cigar

It is very essential to clean and take care of an electronic cigar (e-cigar) to make sure maximum functioning and a longer life.  Knowledgeable electronic cigar consumers all know the feeling – all of a sudden ones favorite electronic cigar goes from tasting extraordinary to awful or even end giving out vapor.  The e-cigar battery and clearomizer or a cartomizer should be cleansed from time to time depending on how frequently one uses the e-cigar; normally once a week will be good enough.

An atomizer, despite its shape or size, is a wire connected to a resistor, which is joined to a battery. That’s the core of it. The battery transports a voltage (mainly e-cigar functions at 3.7 volt) and this voltage hits the resistor, gets “condensed” by the appropriate amount, until it then engages the wire that turns radiant red hot, and generates vapor.

There can be numerous reasons for why a preferred electronic cigar atomizer abruptly works poor, some of these consist of:

Grime is adding up around the wire and chamber:  Basically this is filth, either from the e-liquid or perhaps from the pocket lint. Mostly anything that can somehow get inside the atomizer, but and will diminish the vaporization of theelectronic cigar.

Cleaning Batteries: The battery is a rechargeable lithium battery that should be dirt free; this is a very straight forward procedure. All one needs to do is take out the clearomiser/cartomiser from the electronic cigar battery and clean the main area to get in touch with. A cotton swab can be used dipped in alcohol to remove the dirt. This area of the e-cigar is mostly accumulated with e-liquid residue. Make certain the battery is dry before restoring the clearomiser/cartomiser on the electronic cigar.

Refining the Electronic cigar Charger

Another essential thing is to clean the e-cigar charger the same way, by using a cotton ball dipped in alcohol and clean the contact area where one connects in the battery. The common life expectation of an e-cigarette charger really depends the way it is used. It is always a fine idea to clean it as repeatedly the e-cigar is being cleansed. It is time for a new charger when the light on the charger does not turn red when a flat battery is connected to it.

Refining the Electronic cigar Clearomiser

The clearomiser can easily be unscrewed from the base of the unit and move the clear plastic off to give entry to the atomizer within the clearomiser. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean away any excess e-liquid residue, let it dry before using again.

To safeguard the charging ability and lifespan of the electronic cigar battery, a good practice is to use the e-cigar until the battery is entirely drained. This can assist to lengthen the number of charges an e-cigar battery will take. If regular cleaning and appropriate charging has been done the battery it can last for up to 350 charges.

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