How to use an electronic cigarette or cigars

Electronic cigarettes and cigars are unique smoking devices which allow a person to leave traditional smoking methods behind and use these devices instead. Electronic cigarettes are easily to use and convenient to carry as compared to traditional tobacco cigarette packs. Starter kits are available in the markets for people who are new to the concept of electronic cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes are chargeable battery running devices which contain four main components. They consist of an LED light which indicates when a person is inhaling the vaporized smoke. Some electronic cigarettes are also turned on and off by the LED light since it consists of sensors which triggers the electronic cigarette to turn on and off by tapping it. The second component assembled in an electronic cigarette is the battery which is the biggest component amongst the others. This battery is rechargeable through a portable e-cig battery charger or a USB device. The third component is the atomizer which consists of a coil to vaporize the liquid nicotine. This component if comparatively smaller and allows a steady flow of vapor for the smoker. The last component of an electronic cigarette is the cartridge or the mouth piece which allows the smoker to inhale the vaporized air.


For starters, several electronic cigarette manufacturers have put together starter kits which allow first time users to get accompanied with the components and accessories. These starter kits include all the necessary items that a first time user may require when he or she decides to use an electronic cigarette. The items include all the components of an electronic cigarette, a carry case, liquid nicotine, batteries, atomizer and the charging device. Starter kits are available in different ranges as well. Some starter kits include all the basic components whereas some include extra items for a longer use of the electronic cigarettes. Due to the vast market, these starter kits are available with various flavored liquid nicotine as well. They come in different colors and designs for users to choose.


The technology behind electronic cigarettes is solely based on vaporized air. These devices do not contain traces of tobacco, tar or carbon monoxide. Some users prefer smoking without the liquid nicotine as well and only fill up their electronic cigarettes with flavored liquid to enjoy the smoke.


The user of the electronic cigarette turns the device on by tapping the LED light or by inhaling directly. The atomizer transforms the liquid inside the device into vapor which is inhaled by the smoker. A person can continue to smoke until the battery or the liquid runs out. Since no tobacco smoke is produced, smokers are allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes indoors as well. The vapor coming out of the electronic cigarette is harmless for bystanders hence many married adults prefer using electronic cigarettes in front of their kids and other family members. Once the battery is drained, the user can re-charge it by inserting the device into its portable charger or the USB device which can be connected to an electric socket or even other charging devices such as laptops or vehicles.


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