How to use disposable electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are devices used instead of tobacco cigarettes where the latter are harmful for the smoker’s health. Unlike tobacco cigarettes electronic cigarettes are used more than one time and do not run out upon usage since they are not flamed. Certain electronic cigarette manufacturers have also recognized the advantages of discarding electronic cigarettes after a particular amount of usage like traditional cigarettes. This is the reason for creating disposable cigarettes. These are electronic cigarettes nonetheless but are restricted to a particular amount of usage. Disposable cigarettes have been produced for the smoker’s convenience and safety. Unlike reusable electronic cigarettes these devices are used normally for traveling purposes or on other temporary occasions. Disposable cigarettes function in the same way like electronic cigarettes with liquid nicotine, batteries and an atomizer however have a slightly different physical form. Where electronic cigarettes are devices which are created for a long term usage, disposable cigarettes are put together for users to easily discard the device after a specific amount of puffs. Puffs are usually somewhere between 400 to 600 and a user is advised to discontinue the use of these devices immediately after the limit of puffs is over.


Assembly and design

The way disposable cigarettes are used is highly dependent on the producer’s recommendations. The reason these devices were created was to give the smoker a feeling of traditional cigarettes. Disposable cigarettes also provide high quality smoking for the user since their usage is limited. These devices are not required to be assembled like conventional electronic cigarettes. They are packed fully assembled whereas electronic cigarettes are required to be assembled first and contain different parts which include batteries, LED light, atomizer and the bud. Assembled disposable electronic cigarettes consist of the same elements however, the parts are purely temporary in terms of usage.


A normal electronic cigarette user cannot tell traditional electronic cigarettes and disposable electronic cigarettes apart since the design of both these devices are exactly the same. Both of them are available in unique designs as well such as colored devices, printed devices and shapes such as cigars and smoking pipes. They are also available in different flavors since some electronic cigarette users are fond of specific flavors when they use these devices.


In terms of pricing, there is a difference between both the devices. Long usage electronic cigarettes cost more than disposable cigarettes since users are required to purchase the latter more often. Being cost effective, electronic cigarette users prefer to purchase these devices instead of the normal electronic cigarettes. Moreover, they do not have to spend separately on accessories or additional parts such as replaceable batteries or refills since disposable cigarettes contain all the necessary components required by the smoker.


The usage of disposable cigarettes ensures the non-existence of germs or bacteria since they are discarded frequently. They are packed in sealed packages where it is recommended to consume these devices as soon as the seal is broken to enjoy the freshness of the liquid nicotine.


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