How Tobacco Damages Health

Tobacco being extremely harmful for health has led to a number of diseases that are threatening for human body. There are various products available which become a source of tobacco consumption, among these the most common are: tobacco cigarettes and cigars, pipe tobacco, nasal snuff and chewing tobacco. Although knowing the damaging results of tobacco consumption people find it really difficult to quit the use of this deadly thing. Tobacco smoke is dangerous for health and leads to some extremely dangerous diseases for human body and can also become a cause of a person’s death. Doctors say tobacco cause damage to tissues and every cell present in the body. Any exposure to tobacco smokes whether direct or secondhand smoke it immediately causes damage to the body. Although being well aware of all the alarming health problems associated to the consumption of tobacco smoking the heavy smokers find it really hard to quit the use of tobacco cigarettes. Electronic Cigar is an electronic device similar to cigarettes has solved this problem to a greater extent and has proved to a better and much safe alternative in terms of tobacco smoking. The manufacturers of Electronic Cigar provided a safe platform for smokers who easily switched to this technology based electronic device in a very short span of time. It is just a matter of using one Electronic Cigar then the smoker doesn’t look back to tobacco cigarettes and cigars. This is simply amazing, what the medical specialists had tried for so long this new technology did it overnight! Electronic cigar is chargeable electronic device based on both manual and automatic battery. It is filled with liquid nicotine instead of tobacco. When the battery is fully charged it heats up the liquid nicotine as soon as the smoker takes a puff. And the smoke is inhaled and exhaled in the form of water vapor which is completely safe for health in all terms. There are many flavors available which are very pleasing in taste. The vapor can be flavored with any of these flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, cherry, coffee, menthol and tobacco. Each flavor has its own taste and charm which is harmless for health as well. Water vapor released by the Electronic Cigar does no harm or damage to the consumer or the surroundings and it is free of all the toxins and chemicals including the cancer causing substance which are present in tobacco cigs for sure. Without touching and inhaling tobacco one can now get the same experience of smoking which the tobacco sticks provide. Electronic Cigar thus saves a person from the use of this deadly tobacco smoke.

People who have made a switch to Electronic Cigar shared their experience by declaring that they no more wake up with congested of short of breath now. Consumption of Electronic Cigar has helped them have a healthy and smooth breathing and provided them relief from cough and lungs related diseases. Another good advantage is that this smokeless product can be used in all the restricted areas where tobacco smoking is not allowed.

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