The Federal District Court Judge, Richard J Leon has classified electronic cigarettes as drug delivery devices and subject to regulation under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, before the importation as well as sale in the United States. This classification was challenged in court, citing that devices should be regulated as tobacco products rather than drug or medical products.



California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger passed a bill that promoted the sale of electronic cigarettes within the state if adult wants to purchase and consume these products. In 2009, New Jersey voted to include the electronic cigarette in the same category as that of tobacco products by considering them under New Jersey`s Smoke-Free Air Act which bans smoking in indoor work as well as at public places. In New Hampshire, its sale to under aged people is illegal announced in July 2010 while adults can consume them.  Arizona is on its way to plan the ban of sale of electronic cigarettes to the under aged people while Maryland as well the sales to minors has been prohibited strictly. New York State banned the use of Electronic Cigarettes within 100 feet of a public or private school entrance in September 2012 and banned e-cigarette sales to under age which started from 1 January 2013. On July 1, 2012, New Kansas law that goes into effect bans having the electronic cigarette by anyone under the age of 18 and that laws which makes illegal to possess e-cigarette by putting all electric smoking products in the category of illegal drugs as well as associated paraphernalia.





In Australia, the Federal Department of Health and Ageing classifies every form of nicotine except for the replacement therapies as well as cigarettes as poisonous.  Inhaled nicotine is Pharmacy Only or a Schedule 2 medication when used to help quit smoking, according to poison Standard of 2010. In Brazil, its sale, advertising, and importation are prohibited while the Brazilian health and sanitation federal agency found that electronic cigarette is not eligible for commercial approval. In March 2014 In Canada, sale, advertising and importation of it containing nicotine is allowed, manufactures and retailers may not make any claims about products that are efficacy for any health purpose. In Nepal, the use as well as the sale of electronic cigarette is allowed according to recent cigarette laws.


If it comes to Pakistan, the import and sale of electronic cigarette is openly legal but when it comes to Pakistan Medical and Dental council, according to them current health safety assessment of e-cigarette is not yet to be a satisfactory one to be allowed.


While in Singapore, under Section 16 of the Tobacco Act, Electronic Cigarettes are currently banned and that is imposed by the Health Science Authority. This legal authority prohibits the products with packing just like tobacco products, not only this HAS takes serious actions against people who goes against this law.



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