Important components of an electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarettes such as Vapor King Storm cigarettes are electronically run devices used as alternatives to tobacco cigarettes. These devices are smokeless alternatives which are health-friendly and have proven to be a better option than conventional tobacco cigarettes. Although many institutions and health authorities are looking into the advantages and disadvantages of using electronic cigarettes, studies have proven that these devices do not contain any harmful substances as compared to tobacco cigarettes which contain tobacco, tar and mono oxide upon flaming them. Upon using the device personally, many people have agreed to the fact that the device is safer than conventional cigarettes. Many individuals familiarize themselves with Vapor King Storm electronic cigarettes first before giving them a try. Vapor King Storm has introduced starter kits for first time users which include guides and how-to booklets. With starter kits first time users can put electronic cigarettes together, charge them when the batteries are out and refill the liquid nicotine easily. These starter kits were first introduced in the markets to create awareness amongst smokers. Vapor King Storm did not wish to make the usage of electronic cigarettes complicated hence provided smokers with starter kits which contained all the essential components and liquid nicotine refillable bottles. In order to understand how these devices are put together, below is a list of the device’s components and their functions:


The inhaler or the bud:

The piece is the part of the Vapor King Storm electronic cigarette which goes into the mouth of the smoker. The inhaler resembles the filter of the traditional tobacco cigarette which gives the smoker a feeling similar to that of smoking a tobacco cigarette. In fact, in majority cases the inhaler is designed in exactly the same way as the filter of tobacco cigarettes especially in terms of its color and shape.


The liquid nicotine container and atomizer:

These two components take up the main body of the Vapor king Storm electronic cigarette. The atomizer is the heating component which turns the liquid nicotine into vapor and the container includes the liquid nicotine which the smoker inhales after it turns to vapor. The atomizer requires a source of power to heat up the liquid nicotine and turn it into vapor. For this purpose the atomizer is connected to the battery source which provides the atomizer with the electric power it requires.


The logic board and battery:

The battery takes up the most amount of space in an electronic cigarette. It is also the main source of electric supply from which the device functions. This battery component is accompanied with a miniature logic board which assists the electronic cigarette in its functioning. It manages the electronic cigarette’s power supply and automatically charges the batteries when connected to an electric supply source. It also supports the functioning of the atomizer when a user inhales the vaporized nicotine.


LED light:

Although the LED light itself has no function on its own however it has been placed on the tip of the device to make the electronic cigarette resemble the traditional tobacco cigarette. It lights up when the smoker inhales the vapor from the inhaler and indicates when the device is on.


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