Increase in the Usage of E-cigs

Tobacco cigarettes have become a cause of concern all across the world because of its prominent harmful effects and the ability to transmit dreadful diseases within people. Statistics that have been derived from the UK recently confirm that 80% of heavy smokers cannot survive a day without smoking and almost 30% people start their day by smoking a cigarette and continue to do so at a daily basis. This has brought an increase in the annual deaths and certainly caused the disease transmitting rate to go up by a huge number. E-cigs which are known as electronic cigarettes were created for the convenience of people who wish to quit smoking for once and all.
The e-cigs were introduced to Europe in 2006 and the manufacturers desperately wished for them to receive a glorious reception, which they did receive indeed. E-cigs were the brilliant invention which led to eliminate around 21% of British citizens who were under the category of heavy smokers. The public gave these cigarettes a very warm welcome and seemed to be quite impressed with this modern day lifesaving invention. The sales of e-cigs went up rapidly just after they were released in all parts of the world. The time of the release of the electronic cigarettes also made the tobacco cigarettes costly which served as a disadvantage for them. Moreover, the millions of awareness campaigns across the world regarding throat and lung cancer helped people to understand how e-cigs were going to save them from having a miserable future in the world.
Surveys have been carried out to measure the immense success of these cigarettes. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine stated that nearly one-third which counts for almost 31% of the population which tried e-cigs were said to have keenly reported that they ended up quitting smoking within six months. In terms of quitting smoking, these famous cigarettes have gained much success than other preventive methods like nicotine patches and gums as their success rate could not rise more than 20%. Apart from the fact that e-cigs help people quit smoking, they also provide them with a lot of benefits. Findings which were published in the journal Addiction revealed the amazing fact that more than 57% of smokers chose electronic cigarettes because they were more economical in comparison with the tobacco cigarettes. These smokers also happily stated the fact that they could easily smoke these cigarettes in the public whereas tobacco cigarettes are prohibited to be smoked.
Health experts showed statistics containing the better health of the users of e-cigs as a staggering number of 40% of them had improved breathing, zero coughing and a healthy physique. When this aspect was revealed to the general public, the sales of these cigarettes went up more by a shocking 15% in the UK and 33% in the US. In general, e-cigs have helped people to enjoy and quit smoking within an affordable range, provided in many exotic flavors and given the fact that their health won’t be compromised.


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