The Increasing Decline of the Tobacco Industry

Most people are aware of how harmful smoking is for the human body, which is why they are switching from the traditional cigarettes towards the new electronic cigarettes, also known as the e cigarettes. These cigarettes are amazingly similar to the real cigarettes in appearance but surprisingly do not contain any of the harmful chemicals or the side effects that traditional cigarettes give to the human body. Due to the immediate rise in the popularity of the e cigarettes, the tobacco industry has suffered on a large scale and will continue to do so in the long run due to the fact that the electronic cigarettes are a proven way to quit smoking.

Near to Real Smoking Experience

Actually created in 2003 by a Chinese, the e cigarettes have to offer much more to people than the tobacco cigarettes ever did. The first time for beating the tobacco industry in sales was over a couple of years ago when almost half of the world’s smoking population turned to try out the newly made exclusive alternative for smoking. The results later on showed that a good amount of people who first tried the electronic cigarettes switched on to them for good since the entire smoking experience was exactly the same as the real thing; however, the e cigarettes do not contain any chemicals which are likely to be emitted into the bloodstream of the human body. From that day till now, a steep decline in the popularity of the tobacco cigarettes has been noted and that is also because of many other factors.

Environment Friendly & Publically Approved

One of the most prominent benefits of the e cigarettes is that they can be smoked in public as they are smokeless and odorless. This means that no passive smoking can occur, which is the main reason why traditional smoking is banned in public areas almost everywhere in the world. Now smokers can be seen to be smoking the electronic cigarettes everywhere casually without feeling bad about it as it is allowed. What’s more is that famous celebrities are also promoting these cigarettes by smoking them everywhere publically as they do not harm the external environment in any way. This fact has allowed smokers to switch to the e cigs which are highly approved by all those individuals who are promoting eco-friendly products worldwide.

Long-lasting & Budget Friendly

People who smoke tobacco cigarettes are highly aware of how expensive they are. A single pack costs quite a lot and does not even last for a long while. On average, smokers finish one pack daily and the heavy smokers have been reported to even exceed that. Not only does this waste the hard earned bucks of people but it also damages their health which drags them towards hospitals for treatments in the long run, making them spend more and more money. E cigarettes are extremely low priced, which is why they allow people to save a good amount of money annually and also keep them away from acquiring dreadful diseases in the future. All these factors have highly contributed to the rapid decline of the tobacco industry and the increase in the usage of e cigarettes globally.


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