All there is to know about E-Cigs

More than forty million Americans are cigarette smokers despite of the fact that they are all aware that smoking is bad for them. Smoking is known to damage every organ in one’s body and illnesses related to smoking are the cause of one out of five deaths in the United States. However, about seventy percent of all smokers have reported that they want to quit the habit and more than forty two percent have already tried to quit. And it is not just the price that is changing the habit of smokers. The e cigarette has also contributed. As an attempt to nip the tobacco habit in the bud, up to one-fifth of smokers have given a try to the e cigarette.


Having first been developed in China, the e cigarette was introduced in the United States in the year 2007. Most of these electronic devices, appearance wise are quite similar to the regular cigarette and so can be easily mistaken for the real thing. However, looking inside shows one the main difference that these are actually tobacco free products. An e cigarette is actually a vaporizer where its mechanism heats up a liquid instead of burning tobacco. That liquid turns into a vapor and is then vaped or inhaled. Though some are of the view that this vapor offers health benefits as compared to the conventional cigarette smoke, health experts and regulatory agencies are not so certain that this is actually true. So it is recommended that before one goes off buying an e cigarette, they should first be fully aware of what they are getting themselves into.


If one is smoking e cigarettes they would never ever have to worry about misplacing their matches or their lighter as there won’t be anything to light. E-Cigs instead run on a lithium battery that also has a cartridge that contains liquid and a vaporization chamber. When one inhales from their e cig just as they would with a traditional cigarette, the battery powers the e cig in order to heat the liquid so as to vaporize it. Most e cigs have an LED tip just like a regular cigarette that glows red or any other color when one inhales from them. However, not all of these electronic gadgets mimic the appearance of real cigarettes. Since these devices don’t burn tobacco, there is no smoke whatsoever and not even any odor or carbon monoxide for that matter, what one inhales is simply vapor.

An e cigarette is both smoke and tobacco free though it isn’t nicotine free. The liquid that is vaporized is actually a mixture of nicotine, flavorings like watermelon or bubblegum, propylene glycol as well as some other additives. The amount of nicotine in an e cig varies and it usually depends on the mixture of the specific liquid nicotine that is present in the cartridge that is installed in the device. There are, however, also some cartridges available with all the flavors minus the nicotine for those who want to have the smoking experience without the harmful effects.





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