Knowing one’s E-cigarette type

This article is going to be discussing all the various types of e cigarettes that are available out there and will be guiding one on which particular type to buy according to the smoker category that they fall under. All of the information that has to do with the different kinds of e cigarette, e liquids and e cigars is discussed below:
The first type is the rechargeable e cigarette, which are basically starter kits. These are designed specifically for medium-light smokers who aren’t really satisfied with disposable e cigarettes. This type of e cigarette is the fastest growing type there is as they offer the advantage of having reusable batteries along with replaceable cartridges of liquid nicotine. They are the most cost effective ones as compared to the disposable e cigs when one considers the long term. It is recommended that one should buy a starter kit of a good quality so that they can enjoy the complete benefits of vaping. They are available in all different colors, styles and sizes so one can easily choose one that they like the most. Sometimes though, choosing a good starter kit may be hard but there all of the types are available over the internet, allowing one to search the perfect brand.
The second type is the disposable e cigarette. For first time users, light smokers as well as social smokers, this is the optimum choice. The most common devices in the market these days are the disposables. Most of them are available at bars, gas stations and usually anywhere over the counter where cigarettes are sold. Usually smokers, when switching to e cigs, start off with this type, and at that time decide whether they hate them or love them. It is important to know that these are just considered to be the tip of the iceberg. Though some people get completely satisfied just by disposables, others, like heavy smokers, may want something a bit more powerful. If one is new to the whole e cigarette concept, than they should start off with these as the first step to becoming an awesome vaper.
The third type is the E-Go electronic cigarette. This type is designed specifically for medium to heavy smokers. After rechargables, this style is recommended for these types of smokers. Because of their bigger batteries and the more number of options given by them, they have gained quite a bit of popularity and respect. Popularity wise, so as to speak, they are considered to be number one by most smokers. With the 510 threading that they use on their batteries, they allow any cartridge or tank with a 510 threading to work. Their larger tanks are also able to hold larger amounts of nicotine liquid as compared to a standard rechargeable e cig. This fact, combined with a bigger size of battery, allows these e cigs to be able to successfully satisfy virtually all kinds of heavy smokers out there.
Once one ascertains which category of smoker they fall under, they can, form the above guide, easily decipher which type of e cig to buy.


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