The latest designs of electronic cigarettes in the market

Electronic cigarettes have taken the market lead when it comes to smoking alternatives and for this purpose, electronic cigarette manufacturers are always competing in producing the best looking electronic cigarette every created for its users. For example, one of the best looking electronic cigarette in the past few years have been one with the LED light and a metallic body or matte finish. Manufacturers try to comprehend the changing trends in the smoking generation and try to produce a design similar to the changing trend. For example, many people started to love the golden glitter effect and for this purpose, e cigar produces created a design which had a shimmer-golden look to it. The design was instantly a hit in the market amongst everyone and everyone wanted to own one piece at least. Moreover, designs are also dependent on the kind of electronic cigarette. If a person is interested in e cigars it is highly important for him or her to have their favorite design in the same kind. For this purpose, manufacturers have to thoroughly research and created new designs on a continuous basis. Some of the latest designs of these devices, especially e cigars are the following:


Neon colored bodies

Neon has recently been accredited as the most admired kind of effect for colored items. When it comes to e cigars, these neon glowing e cigars are the perfect devices for the smoker in the dark. The glowing effect creates an interested vibe for people who like to use these devices in the dark or during the night time. Neon colored cigarettes coupled with the glow in the dark effect has been on top of the buying charts for these devices by many young and adult smokers. Neon-colored devices are now commonly available for purchase at every leading store.


Black and pink striped bodies

There is something about the color black. It goes with everything, especially with the color pink. There is nothing girly about pink and black strips; in fact many men prefer to buy this color combination since it attracts a lot of attention. Pink has officially become another guy’s color hence manufacturers considered using them in electronic cigarettes. This design is yet to become common in the general market but a recent release has indicated that the demand for this design is going to hit the roof.


Designer devices

Designer devices and designs will never get old. The way a person can be addicted to purchasing designer clothes, similarly many smokers started looking for designer electronic cigarettes for their usage and their pockets. In collaboration with elite designers, manufacturers have produced custom made limited edition designer devices for the rich and for the brand conscious. Many people have started to leave the ordinary designs for the designer ones since they tend to look more attracted and they also allow a person to be led by a particular favorite designer. Designer devices are extremely expensive and can cost a fortune as compared to the normal devices.


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