In Austria, the cartridges are classified as medicinal products and Electronic Cigarettes for nicotine inhalation as medical devices. While in Bulgaria, the use as well as sale of electronic cigarettes is legally allowed, plus the sale of cartridges and liquids with nicotine and there are no specific regulations from EU. In Ezech Republic, the sale, use, as well as advertising of electronic cigarettes are totally legal. In Denmark, the Danish Medicine Agency classifies electronic cigarettes having nicotine as medicinal products therefore the permission is required before the product is marketed or sold and no such authorization has been given yet. The agency has also clarified that the electronic cigarettes which do not administer nicotine to the users, are not used for preventing or treating the disease and are not considered as medicinal devices.


While in Estonia, the Estonian State Agency of Medicines had banned electronic cigarettes in pasted but ban was changed in court and was then abolished on 7th of March, 2013. Now e-liquids containing more than 0.7 mg/ml of nicotine are still taken as medicine which hence cannot be legally purchases within the country unless the manufacturer license is been properly given. Before the end of 2013, it was then announced by the Estonian minister of social affairs that electronic cigarettes and their advertisement will be banned for the minors but will be available for adults.


In Finland, the National Supervisory Authority of Welfare and Health announced that new tobacco ban marketing will also ban electronic cigarettes because they might seem like ordinary cigarettes according to them, but ordering from abroad was allowed. In Germany,  the use and sale of electronic cigarette is purely legal, while in Hungary the sale and use of electronic cigarette are legal but not the sale of cartridges and liquids with nicotine. In Ireland, it`s sale and use is surely legal and used openly there finding no harm in it. In Italy, the policy is been made by Health Ministry Decree that electronic cigarettes containing nicotine cannot be sold to the people who are under the age of 16. In Latvia and Lithuania, the electronic cigarette is undoubtedly legal and in use. In Netherlands, although the advertisement of these cigarettes is restricted but its sale and use is not at all prohibited, but is allowed.


If we talk about Norway, then there only the nicotine cartridges can only be imported from other EEA member states like UK etc for private use otherwise the sale and use of it is legal. In Poland, the sale as well as the use of electronic cigarettes is absolutely legal. While in Portugal, with nicotine it is prohibited but without the presence of nicotine it is not regulated and simply allowed to be used. In Romania as well the use plus the sale of electronic cigarette is legal. In Switzerland, sale of nicotine-free electronic cigarettes is legally used while in United Kingdom, it is not covered by smoking bans.


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