How to maintain e cigarette:

Before purchasing, an expensive e cigarette kit one must know how to look after e cigarettes as looking after them can be a tedious job and if the e cigarette is not maintained they can no longer be good to use.E cigarette is electrical appliances just like any electrical appliance and their maintenance and cleaning should be done accordingly.

E cigarettestarts to dysfunction when the e liquid starts producing a burnt taste or when the battery dies out too early. These problems may occur very early if they are not maintained properly.


Thee cigarette comes with a long lasting lithium ion battery, which can wear out after long-termuse. One must be familiar with the proper cleaning process to make it last for as long as possible. To clean the battery one must carefully detach it from the device; the battery is the largest component of the cigarette therefore may take time to clean. The battery should be placed in a clean and dry surface after which a cotton swab dipped in alcohol must be used to carefully clean all the areas of the battery. Care should be maintained while cleaning the contact areas as these are the areas where most of the deposit is accumulated and proper functioning depends on the cleaning of this area. One must repeat this process at least every two to three weeks especially if thee cigaretteis used on a dailybasis. The charger must be replaced as soon as it stops displaying the red light on it. If the charger is not replaced the battery will be damaged therefore other than cleaning the renewal of its components is also necessary for its proper functioning.


Cleaning the charger is a simpler process as the chargeris not connected with the rest of the device it is only plugged in when necessary. The charger needs to be cleaned from the areas where it is screwed in. Any cotton cloth may be used to cleanse the areas and once it is clean it should be left to dry. The charger must never be screwed in unless it is perfectly dry.


The atomizer can be damaged in many ways, if there is an excess of e liquid in the atomizer it drowns the atomizer and if too little e liquid is added the atomizer heats up and damages the heating coil, which leads to the e liquid producing a burnt taste. Therefore, a moderate amount of e liquid should be added. An easy way to clean is to fill it with alcohol and leave it for several minutes. Afterwards, the alcohol must be drained and the device left to dry overnight or for a few hours. This will ensure that the alcohol rinses the entire residue and impurities and the device is perfectly dry before use. Alcohol is a good cleanser and a strong liquid and can be used to clean almost all the parts of the e cigarette but only the atomizer can be filled with it, cotton swabs are preferred for other parts.


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