Major Differences between Electronic & Traditional Cigarettes

Invented back in around 2003, the electronic cigarettes have surely managed to steal the spotlight that the traditional cigarettes held for quite a long period of time. Not only has the e cig industry thrived but it has also become immensely successful in the past few years due to the fact that sales have doubled. The e cigarettes are not only quite safe to use but they are also rather beneficial in a lot of ways that are still unknown to most people in the present times. Due to the massive differences between both electronic and traditional cigarettes, it is essential for everybody to review them in great detail before reaching a conclusion in the long run.

Zero Smoke

Surprisingly, the e cigarettes look exactly the same as the real cigarettes and due to the fact that their physical appearance is the same, many smokers have been influenced to switch over to them over the recent years. However, one of the biggest differences between both the cigarettes is the fact that the e cigarettes do not have smoke. These are not lit at all, which is why no smoke is produced in the first place. This means that e cigs can never promote passive smoking, whereas traditional cigarettes strongly do so.

Completely Odorless

An important thing for many people to know is the fact that the e cigarettes do not have any odor. These cigarettes are entirely odorless and therefore, can be smoked anywhere and everywhere. Now smokers can easily get rid of the hideous smell of smoke that always tends to stay with them at all times when they smoke traditional cigarettes on a daily basis. The cigarettes do have a burning light at their tip which is shown to be burning, however, it is not real since these cigarettes are not lit; therefore, no odor is produced in the process.

Highly Budget Friendly

E cigarettes have been labeled as budget friendly by most smokers in the world. This is due to the fact that traditional cigarettes cost twice more than these and still do not last more than the e cigs. The massive price difference between these two surely tends to help people in deciding which one is better and must be used. Due to the fact that e cigs are a healthier smoking alternative and much cheaper in comparison, many smokers have switched to these without having any issues in the process.

Zero Chemicals & Nicotine

When it comes to the important matter of discussing the major differences between the e cigarettes and the traditional ones, it can be safely said that the e cigs are not harmful whereas the traditional cigarettes are. The human body tends to inhale more than four thousand chemicals every time they smoke a traditional cigarette. Nicotine is present in them which make people addicted in the long run. The e cigarettes are entirely free from all these chemicals and certainly do not make people addicted to smoking in any possible way, which undoubtedly makes them the best smoking alternative that is available these days.


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