What makes up e cigarettes?

Everyone knows about the benefits of e cigarettes over smoking but do they know what makes up these innovative little machines?


Main Components


E cigarettes, although quite simple looking, are quite complex in their design. The main part of the e cigarette is the battery. This is what sends the charge to the atomiser inside the nicotine cartridge. The battery is activated when the user inhales or sometimes when pressing a button. E cigarettes, like most electronics, operate best when the battery is fully charged. The component of the battery that actually gets charged is the lithium ion cell. This type of cell is used in a number of battery-operated electronics and is considered the best battery on the market.


The other major components of e cigarettes are the cartridges. The cartridges consist of the nicotine liquid and the atomiser to produce the necessary vapour. These cartridges normally screw onto the battery on one end and have a mouthpiece on the other for the user to inhale from.


Of course, the shells of e cigarettes are the components that hold the whole mechanism together and give them their aesthetic appeal. The shell can be made of a number of materials but normally it is made up of aluminium.


Other components


There is also a sensor that triggers a chip that turns the battery on. The chip in e cigarettes is the brain of the whole mechanism. This is where the main technological advantage lies and a lot of research goes into improving the operation of this chip. The chips signals the battery, which in turn signals the atomiser in the cartridge. The atomiser is built into the nicotine cartridge because it’s life span is not that long and by building it into the cartridge, can be disposed of and used in one convenient unit.


Charging e cigarettes


There are a number of ways to keep e cigarettes charged. USB chargers are available to charge e cigarettes straight from one’s PC or docking station. This is convenient for those that spend a lot of time in at their desk and would nip away for a quick ‘puff’. There is also the vehicle charger for those that spend most of their time in their cars and need to keep their mechanism charged while on the go. Then, of course there is the traditional wall charger that would plug into any wall outlet and charge the e cigarette unit.


Then there is the most unique charger of all. It comes in the form of a carry for the e cigarette and charges the unit while inside the case. This is extremely convenient for the days when the other chargers mentioned simply would not work, or if they were forgotten at home. Most versions of this case can charge the e cigarette a number of times before the case itself requires charging, making it a great option for those on the move.


Knowing the components of e cigarettes not only helps one understand its mechanism of operation but will also aid in deciding whether or not e cigarettes are the alternative one wants to use as an alternative to traditional smoking.


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