Measuring Liquid Nicotine in Simple Terms

The liquid nicotine in the electronic cigarettes has been becoming increasing popular in people in various parts of the world. This is undoubtedly because of the numerous benefits it has to offer. Nicotine is among the most dangerous drugs in the whole world and the tobacco industry thrives completely on selling cigarettes that are filled with this lethal drug. It took a lot of promotion from the side of the electronic cigarettes and various health campaigns of make people aware of the fatal diseases they can attain by the constant usage of traditional smoking. The diseases are inclusive of incurable diseases like cancer in lungs, mouth and especially throat. These days, a gigantic number of people all across the world have switched to the electronic cigarettes due to the liquid nicotine and the fact that it proves to be an adequate balance for controlling nicotine for all kinds of smokers. Basically, liquid nicotine is consumed in minute amounts and smoked in the forms of vapors by smokers puffing the electronic cigarettes.
Generally, an electronic cigarette has to be refilled with liquid nicotine to enjoy feeling the pleasure of smoking at all times. The liquid nicotine provides the very same affect to the smokers as the traditional cigarettes which prove to provide them with the immense satisfaction they want and serves as a great medium to put an end to their everyday smoking cravings. The best feature of this is the fact that it is taken in less amounts, way less in comparison to the traditional cigarettes which have as much as four thousand chemicals present in them. For smokers who are keen to switch to the electronic cigarettes, the liquid nicotine can be found within bottles that are easily available in all shops in the market as well as online storefronts have recently become the first choice of people when it comes to purchasing the nicotine for e cigarettes.
The nicotine is measured simply in milligrams, for instance 0mg, 12mg, 18mg and 36mg. These measurements generally tend to vary from different producers of the electronic cigarettes. The liquid nicotine is available in small bottles which various levels of nicotine and some are entirely 0mg, which means they are free of any nicotine whatsoever. Generally, an amount of 18mg of the nicotine is present per 1 ml in the whole bottle. This amount is the same for most of the producers; however, there are some exceptions in the market which are measured as per 1.2 ml for the whole bottle. When it comes to the strength of the liquid nicotine, the zero nicotine consists of 0%, the low is 1.1%, the medium being 1.4% whereas the highest strength tops all the others at a 1.8% maximum. The main aim of the newly converted e cigarette smokers should be to reach the zero level of the nicotine content in order to quit smoking for once and all. Nicotine is quite a harmful and toxic substance which should be completely avoided in life to refrain from becoming fatally ill in the long run.

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