Myths and facts about E- cigarettes

There are myths about almost every product that is available in the market, and E-cigarettes are not an exception. One, especially if already a smoker or someone looking to take up the habit of smoking should know the facts from the fiction and the truth from the propaganda in order to dispel these various myths. So here are the myths that one is constantly being bombarded with, along with the actual proven facts.

Firstly it is said that e- cigarettes would soon become illegal. This is absolutely not true. Perhaps it might happen in some places, though that too seems highly unlikely, but there is absolutely no inclination as to this happening in the US, since e-cigarettes have been generally accepted and are now becoming more mainstream.

Secondly, people tend to think that these electronic cigarettes are harmful because nicotine is harmful, making them equally bad as their tobacco counterparts. This again is not a valid statement as studies have proven that though nicotine might be addictive, it does not have that serious of an adverse effect on one’s body. Also, traditional cigarettes do not contain as much nicotine as they contain smoke, additives as well as other chemicals that make them harmful.

Thirdly, people actually believe that e-cigarettes can blow up in one’s face. Stupid right? Though there have been one or two such cases where the devices being used were faulty, or when the electronic liquid was tinkered with or the battery used was not compatible with the respective model. Other than in these instances, using e-cigs is completely safe.

Fourthly, some even say that e-cigarettes are manufactured using anti freeze. Not only is this particular statement repulsing, but also highly untrue. This is one of the most common myths that is being associated with e-cigarettes these days and is widely being given credit. Why on earth would a particular company make itself susceptible to a lawsuit by using highly toxic chemicals in its respective products? Any reputable and sensible brand that has the intention of manufacturing products meant for consumption and wishes to market them in the long run would never even think of using dangerous chemicals such as anti freeze in its products.

And lastly, people seem to believe that e-cigarettes tend to be more addictive than their traditional and conventional counterparts. This again, is not true at all. They might prove to be more addictive in the pleasurable sense and from the fact that smoking them is more convenient than it is a regular cigarette, but there is no way that the users of these electronic devices get more addicted to them than the regular cigarettes. This is because users do not crave nicotine as much as they crave and get addicted to the tobacco that is present in a normal cigarette.

From the above explained and corrected myths, it can be successfully concluded that one should never pass judgment or make a decision regarding a particular product just by listening to what’s being said about them. Proper research needs to be done in order to reach a final opinion.


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