New flavors for smokers

Smoking causes cancer, this is one of the most common things to be heard in advertisements and commercial. Research has proven that it is indeed true that smoking in harmful for health and leads to different kinds of diseases. A smoker can reduce the chances of getting these diseases by up to 97% if they quit before the age of 30. They have almost all the chances of getting their healthy life back. Amerismoke has introduced electronic cigarettes through which one can quit this unhealthy habit over a very short period of time. E cigarettes provide the body with the amount of nicotine needed without damaging or causing any harm to the lungs.
Amerismoke provides e cigarettes with chargeable batteries and new cartridges. One can fill up the cartridge with e liquid once it ends. One full cartridge gives almost 200 puffs to the users. E cigarettes stimulate the act of smoking without the use of tobacco and it provides the user with the satisfaction of smoking. Amerismoke has introduced a number of flavors for the e liquid as well. These flavors come in wide variety. They are also more appealing to the people who smoke as most of them would want to try something new. The different flavors include chocolate, viva vanilla, strawberry sensation, coffee latte, ice menthol, green apple, cherry, pina colada, pineapple punch, fruit punch, blue berry, coconut and water melon.
All these different flavors produced by Amerismoke provide the smokers with different choices which they can make according to their mood. It gives them a real chance to indulge in the feeling of tasting these flavors along with satisfying their need to smoke. Amerismoke has made the life of a lot of smokers much easier. Most people who have tried using e cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes are satisfied with the decision that they have made. Using Amerismoke e cigarettes gives one an opportunity to carry out the whole process of smoking in a more clean way. There are no left over buds, no ash to throw and there is certainly no need of an ash tray for using this product. It is a cleaner and healthier way of smoking.
Amerismoke also provides its customers with extra care. Their product can be bought online and it will be delivered to ones doorstep without any damage done to the product on the way of delivery. The customers can now sit at their home and order different flavors and enjoy the rest of their time doing what they want to do without the worry of going out and getting their cigarettes. Amerismoke also provides extra accessories for their customers. They have a special casing for e cigarettes and a portable charger that can charge the e cigarettes even when the user is on the go. Amerismoke also provides a home charging unit which can be plugged in the house. It comes along with a USB charger. The battery can be charged with the laptop through the USB charger. All these things make a perfect package for a smoker who wants to switch to e cigarettes for the better cause.

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