The Newest Attraction in E-Cigs – the Vaporizer

Since the recent campaigns against the e cigarette industry, a lot of negativity has surrounded the e-cig market. A lot of people believe that this negativity has resulted in a decrease in sales for the e-cig market and that people have been refusing to buy e-cigarettes because of this. However, the recent upsurge in the market has proven all the skeptics wrong and it has solidly established e-cigs in the tobacco industry. Experts have not only hailed the recent increase but they have also mentioned that one new entrant into the tobacco industry that they believe has been the major cause of the upsurge. The sale of vaporizers as the newest attraction in a typical e cigarette has greatly attracted more customers.

In recent times, the numerous shelves in e cigarette shops have been cramming up with many different flavors that are weirdly named. These numerous names include phrases like Red Riding Hood, Cherry Cola and Purple Haze. These weird flavors have been accompanied by the many different regulars like liquid drippers, cartridges that can be refilled and heating coils – all appliances that are regularly used by DIY e-cig users. What is most surprising about the vaporizers is how they have contributed to the immense growth in the e-cig market – more than even the big brands in the said market.

There are high hopes that this year, the e cigarette business will climb over two billion dollars in value despite the numerous (and seemingly untrue) claims that the market is shrinking slowly. The ‘vape shops’ (the slang name for the shops that sell these highly popular vaporizers) have stopped stocking the popular DIY e-cigarette brands and are instead opting to create a specialized niche that sells only vapors to the customers. Consequently, the fastest growth in the e-cig business has come from the sales of these vaporizers that not only taste well but are also considered to be healthy for consumers.

While e-cigarettes are a lot like devices made from plastic and metal that heat up and produce smoke, vaporizers look like simple fountain pens. As opposed to a typical e cigarette, their batteries are larger and their cartridges have more capacity. As a result, they not only last longer than a typical e-cig but they also tend to produce more clouds and smoke when they burn, producing a greater kick for the consumer. Hardware can be replaced, mixed and matched and liquid cartridges are often bought in bulk after which they are often replaced with the flavors that the consumer prefers.

Cigalikes had the advantage of being small and portable for an e cigarette but even their advantages have now been overtaken by vaporizers since they are about the same size and can carry about five times that cartridge of a typical cigalike. Many industry experts believe that vaporizers are great at delivering a better customer service at a much cheaper price. Vaporizers can easily be bought online at numerous c-cig shops set up on online websites. Vaporizers are considered to be a huge factor in the radical changes coming into the e-cig market recently.


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