Notable Brands in E-Cigarette Market

Several notable e-cigarettes brands have been launched in the market since 2007 namely mystic e-cig, bull smoke, vapor for life, v2 cigs etc. Questions have been raised on the reliability and the durability of the brands and health concerns have been raised on the different cartridges of the e-cigarette brands in the market.Among them Vapor King Rebel comes out to be one of the most promising.

Affordability and reliability:

Vapor king Rebel is a highly versatile brand of e-cigarette. The main advantage of it is that it comes with various attachments and kits to serve needs of different users. It has various product varieties to suit people who can suit only standard priced brands to consumers who prefer luxury brands. The entire starter kit of Vapor King Rebel which includes all its products currently costs $84. All the individual parts of the set which include charger, adapter, and cartridges all are mainly priced below $15. Other brands in the market such as Lux E cig Prado and Elektro offer free trials which are merely schemes with which the consumers are later obliged to pay up to $15 after a certain amount of time, which is deducted from their credit card. They are also being known for requiring constant refills despite the company’s false claims of cartridges being long lasting, the vapor reduces instantly while Vapor King Rebel has 5-pack long lasting cartridges. Vapor King Rebel has a clean reputation in the market and is more coherent about its terms and policies and has not engaged in any fraudulent acts which may challenge their brand loyalty.

Variations and attachments:

Vapor King Rebel comes in many mouthwatering flavors so that consumers can enjoy the product according to their dietary preferences. As now it has a high market ratio and is entertaining consumers from all over the world it has a wide variety of flavors such as cherry, chocolate, apple tobacco etc. While other brands such as E Lux have bulky liquid leaks and an irritating sensation which is not bearable to consume at all.

It is preferred by users as it is also portable; it comes with a car adapter, a carrying case, long lasting battery and is extremely light and can be taken while on the road to add up to the convenience of the customers.

Health and safety:

Vapor King Rebel is comparatively safe and does not have carcinogens and other hazardous chemicals found in e-cigarettes brands therefore Vapor King Rebel does not have cancer stimulating chemicals which is suspected in the cartridges of other brands or a high dose of insulin causing a high amount of sugar in the blood, abnormally elevated heart beat and respiratory problems in the long run.

The nicotine cartridge levels (eLiquid) can be as low as 10 ml which also saves the consumer from the deathly effects of using a high level of nicotine. Reducing the nicotine levels day by day may help the consumers give up the traditional tobacco and switch to a healthier way of satisfying their temptations.

Hence, it can be concluded that of all the notable brands in the market Vapor Kill Rebel comes out to be the most reliable and promising brand and must be consumed by customers to avoid various unhealthy products and nasty schemes by other brands.

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