The Origin & History of E Cigarettes

Not too long ago, the amazing e cigarettes were revealed to the world. These cigarettes ended up being a huge hit and have made the tobacco industry suffer ever since due to the fact that they are gaining publicity through every passing day. What makes these cigarettes better than the traditional tobacco cigarettes is the fact that they are on the safer side and do not have any kind of side effects in the near future. The smoking population in different parts of the world is highly recommended to try these out in order to see how these cigarettes can help them in quitting smoking in the near future.

Going back to the origin and overall history of the e cigarettes, they were created by the Chinese inventor named Hon Lik. After years and years of trying, he finally created the exceptional product that could finally curb his dreadful smoking habit. Traditional cigarettes have tobacco in them and are puffed and smoked, whereas these cigarettes have water inside them that turns into vapor. The entire experience of puffing an e cig is known as ‘vaping’, a term widely used by electronic cigarette users in different parts of the world.

Right after they were created, these cigarettes were introduced to the American and European markets. They were widely appreciated and further distributed into the global markets of various countries in the world. It did not take long enough for the e cigarettes to become exceptionally popular as the best alternative for regular smoking. In the beginning, a lot of smokers had their doubts which were slowly replaced by fondness as soon as they tried the product in order to see what it had to offer. According to many reports, smokers tend to feel the exact sensation while smoking these cigarettes as they do when smoking the original ones. This makes smoking the electronic cigarettes all the more better.

The e cigarettes have been also promoted by a number of reputable health organizations worldwide due to the amazing benefits they have to offer. This is because not only are these cigarettes the best way to quit smoking but they are also responsible for allowing smokers to take some time in order to get used to the new way of way, which is rather very similar to the real one; just does not come with all the side effects and damage. Moreover, the e cigarettes also do not contain nicotine which is another plus point and a reason to choose them instead.

On the other hand, e cigarettes have also managed to save a lot of lives in the present times due to the fact that they enable people to get rid of the dreadful smoking habit. They were basically created for the purpose of quitting smoking but have come a long way through the road of success now. These days, smoking these cigarettes is also is vogue and many smokers and even non-smokers can be seen to be indulging in this luxury. With all they have to offer, switching over to electronic cigarettes is surely worth it.


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