The Parts of an Electronic Cigarette

An e cig has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. The smokeless cigarettes do not only look exactly like the traditional ones but they also tend to provide the same feel and sensation as the tobacco cigarettes in the first place. For the purpose of quitting smoking, nothing has received as much attention as the electronic cigarettes have over the recent years. There are still so many people out there who really do not understand the concept of the e cigarettes and how they enable smokers to quit smoking in the long run. However, a quick research on the surveys that have been conducted by medical authorities may clear their views.

The Nicotine Cartridge

The e cig looks exactly like a real cigarette. The striking resemblance gives all the more reason to individuals for considering switching towards these cigarettes in the near future. The design of an electronic cigarette is not a complex one since it is divided into many various parts. The nicotine cartridge is basically the place from where individuals indulge in puffing the cigarette. This cartridge can be filled with various eLiquid flavors that are easily available in the market. Along with the nicotine liquid, a propylene glycol is also present in there. These cigarettes basically allow smokers to inhale vapor for the purpose of stimulating smoke in the long run.

The Atomization Chamber

The second past part of the electronic cigarettes is known as the atomization chamber. This is the place where the nicotine liquid along with the other solution is heated up adequately for the purpose of completely vaporizing it further. The heating process is necessary since the liquid solutions can otherwise not be transformed into vapors that have to be ‘vaped’ by the smokers afterwards. The parts of an e cig are designed in such a way that they are perfectly connected to each other for the purpose of fulfilling their own functions.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

One of the most important components of an e cig is the lithium battery, without which the cigarette really cannot function at all. Good quality e cigarettes have solid lithium batteries that tend to last for a long period of time. An electronic cigarette contains rechargeable lithium ion battery which is enough to last for a couple of days; usually till 3-4 days in most cases. E cigarettes with solid batteries are recommended since they tend to take the entire vaping experience to a whole new level. For the very purpose, individuals are advised to conduct a research regarding the brands that offer e cigarettes with premium quality lithium batteries.

The LED Light

Since an e cig is smoke-less because it does not have to be lit, an LED light is fixed within in for the purpose of lighting up the end of the cigarette during smoking. This marks the success of an electronic cigarette to appear exactly like a real one; which is what everyone wants in the first place. The LED light turns on right away when a smoker inhales while smoking, thus proving to be an efficient, safe and much healthy alternative for traditional in the future.


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