Perks of E-cigarettes:

The priorities of masses lie under the health conditions and are unwilling to risk any major damage to it. Smoking has been one of the top most concerns, since it affects not only to the smokers but also those in the environment with them. Passive smoking is often termed as worse than actual smoking in relation to some factors. People have been suffering from major diseases, cancer being one of them, due to the chain smoking habit which in the end of the road makes internal damage to a human body. Mouth cancer and lung cancer are the most occurring ones. The main problem is the nicotine which causes the addiction to the cigarettes and a person feels incomplete if tried to quit smoking. The solution to these problems became the e-cigarette. It acts as the replacement of traditional smoking with vast advantages.


There cigarettes have the following three major components: cartridge, atomizer, and a battery. The cartridge is the mouthpiece and also acts as the reservoir for the liquid. The atomizer is responsible for vaporizing the liquid with the help of the heating coil it is made up of. The battery takes up the most space in an e-cigarette and is mostly attached to a LED flight which flashes when air flows into the e-cigarette that is when a smoker takes a puff. A liquid which is the main replacement of the nicotine are available in diversified flavors, mainly tobacco, menthol, etc.


Disposable e-cigarettes are the same as the normal e-cigarettes with only one difference. It is un-refillable meaning that once the cartridge has been emptied by smoking, it cannot be refilled and has to be disposed of. The purpose of having disposable e-cigarettes is to encourage people to try them without having to buy the whole expensive kit first without knowing that they might like it or not.


The e-cigarette works because it does not give out the harmful smoke like the traditional cigarettes.Itdoes give out a certain smoke but it is nowhere near injurious to the health of a human body. It imitates the sensation of the smoking without having to cause any damage to the smokers or the environment whatsoever. The e-cigarette helps in quitting smoking because one does not have to go through the mortifying nicotine withdrawal symptoms all together at once. This symptom has discouraged many from quitting smoking as it disrupts the whole body balance and the routine of an individual. With e-cigarette, one can chose the level of nicotine they want in the liquid. The liquid can even have no nicotine at all at the end of the road. A chain smoker can have increased levels of nicotine in their liquid to start with but then gradually decrease it by small amounts so as to not have instantaneous withdrawal effects.


The disposable e-cigarettes are today bought by many in order to try and see if it effectively works as said by many. One disposable e-cigarette is actually equal to one and a half pack of traditional cigarette making it very much portable.


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