The perks of using E-cigarettes

E- Cigarettes are basically electronic devices that are battery operated and shaped and manufactured to look like the regular conventional cigarettes. They provide the user with an alternative way to receive nicotine. They can be used indoors, which is quite convenient as it allows the users to get their fix whenever and wherever they want. They work by heating up a liquid cartridge that contains a combination of flavorings, nicotine as well as other chemicals, and turning them into an inhalable vapor. This vapor that is released is considered to be smokeless as it is the liquid and not tobacco that is being heated.

Nicotine is basically an addictive drug that helps an individual to calm down and relax. However, regular cigarette manufacturers, engineer their products in such a way that the amount of nicotine, which is delivered to the users in each puff, is maximized. When one has the habit of smoking e-cigarettes, they have the ability to control the amount of nicotine that they inhale and also have the option of using liquid cartridges that are absolutely nicotine free, thus ensuring that their health does not get adversely affected by inhaling a large amount of nicotine.

Since these electronic cigarettes work on a lithium battery, there is absolutely no need for one to worry about misplacing their lighter or forgetting their lighter at home. This is quite the advantage as there is no knowing as to when one might need to take a puff and not having a lighter in such a situation just adds to the stress and worry.

Another benefit of using e-cigarettes, instead of the conventional ones is that one tends to save quite a bit of money that is required to buy cigarettes in these expensive times. Starter kits of these electronic devices are available in less than a hundred dollars, making them even more cost effective. Taking up the habit of smoking or maintaining one had never been this economical or affordable even.

Apart from its main advantage of helping one to quit smoking and say no to regular cigarettes, using e-cigarettes has also proven to be environment friendly as they do not produce any sort of second hand smoke that might bother others. There is only the vapor that is harmless and does not pose the threat of turning the people in the surroundings of the user into passive smokers.

There have also been numerous studies that have proven the positive effects of e-cigarettes. In 2010, an online survey was conducted, where the researchers polled the visitors of various websites and discussion forums that are dedicated to the use of the e-cig and smoking cessation. Out of the 3,587 participants, 70% of them were former smokers, of which 61% were men, of the average age of 41 years. On average, the participants each used the e-cigarette for approximately three months drew 120 puffs per day, and used five cartridges per day. Almost all used nicotine cartridges. 96% reported that e-cigarettes helped them quit smoking, while 92% reported that it made them smoke less. A majority of these participants said that the e-cigarette helped them fight their cravings, cope with the withdrawal symptoms, and avoid relapsing on regular cigarettes.


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