Popularity of E Cigarettes in Celebrities

The e cigarettes were introduced to the whole world in 2004. In no time, it proved to be one of the most celebrated inventions for people all across the world. Millions of smokers were reported to have switched from the tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes because of their benefits and the ability to keep all the destructive diseases away. Such a subtle alternative was never expected by the general public and surprisingly, many celebrities were also seen to be smoking, endorsing and promoting these cigarettes everywhere. Smokers in all parts of the world observed this act and these cigarettes were given even more importance after viewing that the world’s most famous celebrities were puffing them.
Extensive research has revealed the shocking fact that almost one out of five of the whole world’s population is addicted to cigarette smoking. This has caused much health concerns for smokers who cannot seem to find an effective way to quit their habit. This is exactly where the e cigarettes play their role and serve as the shining and safe option in comparison to the tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine is one of the most harmful drugs to be ever found and the modern day lifesaving e cigarettes provide nicotine strength levels for smokers who can start off by high and gradually stoop down to mild and eventually stick to the zero nicotine e cigarettes. Thus, nicotine control can be easily achieved by smokers.
During a famous talk show, the Hollywood actress Katherine Heigl claimed to be smoking e cigarettes and stated that it has helped her immensely in overcoming her ever growing smoking habit. Other celebrities such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and Kevin Federline are amongst the ones who have publically been smoking and endorsing these cigarettes worldwide. The fact that the most famous celebrities have endorsed these cigarettes makes it beneficial for the electronic cigarette industry because more and more people are willing to spend these cigarettes now. It also provides people with an intense psychological affect about the product being exceptional as rich celebrities are also smoking them. This has enabled people to transit from tobacco cigarettes in order to smoke the e cigarettes.
Celebrities have proclaimed that these cigarettes have proved to be more effective than any of the other alternatives to quit tobacco cigarettes. The other alternatives include nicotine patches and gums, which were only reported to have achieved below 20% success whereas the e-cigs had a staggering above 31% success rate in the UK along with the US. The success was achieved because smokers can still satisfy their fixation while not transmitting any diseases which may cause cancer in the long run. Besides all their other numerous advantages, the celebrities who frequently smoke the e cigarettes have reported that these cigarettes have helped them maintain their perfect physique along with the immense breathing problems. Studies showed that almost 40% of people who quit tobacco cigarettes achieve physical and mental health and the chances of gaining illness reduce to a minute number.


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