Prevent Aging Effects by Replacing Tobacco with E-Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes and tobacco causes a lot of diseases especially in the lungs and heart. But what not a lot are aware of, it also has bad effect on the skin. Actually, the effect on the skin is just secondary to the effect of smoking to the heart. When the heart of the smoker gets affected by excessive smoking of cigarettes and/or tobacco, tendency is that the heart will fail to do its function which is to pump blood throughout the body. If it fails to do that, the organs will eventually damage because there is no adequate blood being brought to the organs. The skin is included in those organs that will not get the adequate blood flow that it needs, and therefore will also be damaged. There were studies that say that smoking cigarettes can cause wrinkles. Smokers tend to look old compared to others, who have the same age with them and who don’t smoke. Smokers, especially smokers who are women, must know about this effect of smoking to the skin to help convince them to quit smoking cigarettes and tobacco.

One may have several anti-aging supplements or products, but all of these are nothing if that person still smokes cigarette or tobacco. That person is just wasting her money on those beauty products if she still doesn’t quit smoking. This is because those products would lose its effects if the person is still smoking which can cause bad effects on the skin, specifically skin aging. What women should do is to quit smoking and look for an alternative to smoking cigarette or tobacco. E-cigarette is not a bad alternative for smoking cigarettes, it’s actually a good one since it helps with the addiction and it doesn’t have the same effect on the skin unlike real cigars and tobacco.

It may not be easy for cigarette and tobacco smokers to suddenly quit smoking since they are already dependent on nicotine, a very addictive chemical that is found in all cigars and tobacco. Good thing that there are now e-cigarettes which are somewhat similar to cigarettes but a lot safer since no fire is needed to light it up and it contains liquid nicotine turned to vapor when the e-cigarettes are lit up. This type of cigarette is said to help quit smoking cigarettes and tobacco. No matter how addicted to smoking cigars and tobacco a person may have been, they can change and turn to e-cigarettes.

To those who want to avoid wrinkles in their skin, they should better stop smoking cigarettes or tobacco. Seriously, it does give an aging effect to smokers. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, can be used as an alternative to regular cigarettes and tobacco since it doesn’t have any aging effects. And at the same time, it helps smokers to quit smoking and prevent them from destroying their body due to smoking. Replacing tobacco with e-cigarettes is like a win-win situation. The person gets to quit smoking without stressing over about it, and he or she also prevents skin aging from occurring and saving his or her body from the bad effects of smoking tobacco and cigarettes.


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