Vapor King Storm 2.0 Atomizer Body


Product Description

he external component for the new Storm 2.0 atomizer system. Consists of two pieces: the cover cone and the base, which collectively make up the atomizer body. This new atomizer system is completely compatible with previous Storm models or any Storm battery and tank cartridges.

More on the new Storm 2.0:
Among the new features and improvements, the most outstanding would probably be the complete re-design of the atomizer system. Differing from it’s predecessor, the two piece Storm atomizer body can be easily dissembled to allow for the atomizer head to be replaced, instead of disposing of the entire unit as was the practice in the past. This unique feature offers exceptional economy in use, plus it dramatically reduces the waste of valuable metals, while providing excellent, consistent performance.

Please Note: the Storm 2.0 Atomizer Body does not come with the atomizer heads.

Additional Information

Weight .01 lbs


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