Reasons as to why people are switching to e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, which are also known as e-cigarettes, are basically battery operated devices that are designed to look like or resemble regular tobacco cigarettes. Like their traditional counterparts, electronic cigarettes also contain nicotine. Here’s how they operate: They contain an atomizer that heats a liquid that contains nicotine, and then turns it into a vapor that can be inhaled as well as creates a vapor cloud that greatly resembles regular cigarette smoke.

One of the main reasons people want to switch to e-cigarettes is for health reasons. No, these are not completely healthy as they still contain nicotine, which is highly addictive, and can prove to be quite dangerous. However, electronic cigarettes do not have most of the harmful chemicals that conventional cigarettes contain, thus ensuring, to some extent, that one’s health does not get greatly affected by taking up the smoking habit.

Another reason as to why people may want to switch is because regular cigarettes can be quite expensive. Inflation is always rising, and taxes are going up right with it. Affording cigarettes has become hard. Using e-cigarettes can save one a lot of money. Starter kits are available for well under a $100, and then all one would have to do is purchase the relatively-inexpensive refill cartridges. Over time, the cost savings amount to quite a bit of money. Many smokers also say that traditional or conventional smoking is not missed by them once they tried the electronic cigarettes. That’s because they give the same feeling, and produce the same calming effects.

A huge reason people are switching from conventional smoking to electronic cigarettes is because smoking is getting banned in a number of establishments. Entire states are even banning indoor public smoking, leaving smokers with no choice but to be turned out into the cold. With e-cigarettes, this is not a cause of concern. One can smoke indoors and not bother anyone around them because e-cigarettes do not give off any sort of secondhand smoke. There’s just a vapor that doesn’t bother anyone.

There has also been a sharp rise in adolescent electronic cigarette users that highlights the fact that manufacturers are now targeting teenagers by introducing candy like flavors along with attractive advertising campaigns that appeal to the young generation’s natural desire to rebel. Also this has proven to be quite favorable as teens too, are not switching to these electronic cigarettes and saying no to the traditional ones, ensuring that their health won’t have to undergo the adverse effects that one experiences from smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.

Clearly, smoking an electronic cigarette is being preferred more because it has quite the benefits. As majority of the people are not allowed to smoke regular cigarettes, and their prices are increasing dramatically, one might even predict smoking electronic cigarettes becoming the norm. One should be the first of their friends and family to latch on to this innovative new way to smoke and prevent or subjecting them from experiencing or undergoing the harmfully adverse effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes.


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