Removing Popular E-Cig Confusions

In the past decade, it feels as if the e cigarette industry has been discussed so much and with such intensity that it has actually confused many people instead of answering their questions – many of which are legitimate ones. This is a fast rising industry that has been growing in popularity over the past four to five years and it is about time people realize that the users who truly want to make a change in their lives must be able to do so. Thus, here is an attempt to clear some common e-cig confusions and to help people who are trying to learn more about the product.

Amongst the most common confusions is how the e cigarette differs from a normal tobacco cigarette and how is it different from it. Apparently, people believe that the two things share similarities beyond those that are obvious in appearances. This is definitely not true. E-cigarettes do not contain any type of tobacco and the nicotine levels prevalent in the device are far lesser than one in a normal tobacco cigarette. Also, the tastes and looks can be quite similar too, depending on the suppliers that one buys from. For people who like to smoke Cuban cigars, there are special e-cigars available.

A lot of people also wonder right not, with the number of debates going on, if the average e cigarette is safe to consume. The simple, one word answer is yes. While they undeniably hold a certain level of nicotine, they are far safer than what an ordinary cigarette is able to carry. On average, an e-cig will not carry the nicotine level that is required to form an addiction to the drug. Also, e-cigs are completely tobacco free; another bonus to look forward too. Thus, the scary all-black lung pictures that people might have seen frequently on the internet or even in the doctor’s office; one may not have to worry about those as much.

People also often wonder if the e cigarette industry has actually helped people to quit their dangerous smoking habits. The question is actually posed by a number of chain smokers and people who have had serious health problems because of their involvement with smoking. Officially, it has not been certified that the e-cig can play a monumental role in getting rid of this nasty habit. However, it is quite commonly known that nicotine gums frequently feature in ‘quit smoking’ campaigns and they have the same level of the acid that an average e-cig is supposed to have. Thus, it may play a greater role in the future.

The average cost of an e cigarette is also the cause of much speculation and people want to know if they can afford it. However, what the actual costs are will depend on the type of e-cig one decides to consume. There are full e-cig packages that come with vapors, batteries and flavors all in one and those packages may cost about a hundred dollars or even more. However, there are also simple, disposable e-cigs available; things that people can simply through away after using once.


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