Replace tobacco with e cigarettes to have a healthier skin

It is said that old habits die hard. For smokers, quitting cigarettes is a difficult procedure. But it is not impossible. In addition, increasingly more people are turning to a solution that offers the same taste as a regular cigarette, while the sensation felt is similar: e cigarettes. It is known that smoking has many adverse effects that women are more susceptible than men. And smoking not only affects health. It can leave scars on people’s face. Toxins within cigarettes smoke affect the overall skin tone and the skin elasticity on neck and arms. Deep wrinkles and bags under the eyes are formed prematurely from smoking. The aternative: e cigarettes.

Tobacco – enemy of the skin

Classic cigarettes are an enemy of the skin. 10 years of smoking leaves traces on the face, a premature aging of the skin and yellow to gray pigmentation of the skin. Skin changes regarding women’s skin are due to the sharp fall in production of collagen and elastin fibers, those that are responsible for skin strength and elasticity. Smoking causes pronounced wrinkles around the mouth and even on cheeks and smoke released into the atmosphere dries the skin. Calling for e cigarettes eliminates all these drawbacks, however.

Harmful effects

Harmful effects of tobacco not only affects the skin on the face. Affects the entire skin, including the head. Also, the nails become brittle and opaque. Tobacco is also associated with other skin disorders. Increases the risk of psoriasis and diminishes the response to treatment. Cigarette smoke affects wound healing, causing also acne, skin cancer or alterations of the oral cavity / dental plaque, gingivitis, irritation of mucous membranes and yellow teeth. Damage caused by smoking are generally reversible, and the skin is the first organ that shows positive effects only a few hours after smoking cessation. Therefore, quitting traditional cigarettes and replacing them with e cigarettes not only help lungs, but also eliminate the risk of premature aging skin.

Fewer problems

Normal cigarette’s smell is very disturbing because sometimes not only impregnate clothes and hair, but also the breath. Passive smoking is dangerous for this reason, the inhalation of cigarette smoke, harmful to lung health. Yellowing teeth is another effect of smoking, ugly and annoying. On the other hand, e cigarettes reduce these problems. The only smell felt is very small, not bothering and even invisible. It has no effect on the people around because there are no combustions and thus no risk of inhalation as with normal cigarettes.

E cigarettes for a beautiful skin

Cigarettes affect the skin in two ways: cigarette smoke released into the atmosphere dry out the skin. Basically, blood vessels are “strangled” and reduce the amount of blood that irrigates skin. Thus, the skin lacks oxygen and nutrients that blood transports them are dehydrated and, in time, get that look dull, dull and brightless. The damage does not stop there. Smoking comes with increased wrinkles around the mouth and even cheekbones. A healthy glowing skin is the dream of every woman. But to achieve this objective it is important to give up those habits avidly causing premature skin aging. Replace tobacco with e cigarettes to have a healthier skin.


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