Researches Prove that E-cigarettes are Better

Electronic cigarettes have recently been the target of a lot of criticism by journalists and newspapers. They have been called unhealthy, dangerous and a product that needs proper regulation laws inflicted on it. However, it appears that many of these reporters and media personnel have not bothered to run an eye over the different researches that are being conducted all over the world on e-cigarettes. In recent times, electronic smokes have been the subject of many important and large-scale researchers that have been conducted. These studies have practically proven that e-cigs are better and more beneficial than any other smoking instrument in the market. Let’s see some facts that these studies have provided us with.

Diminution in the consumption of cigarettes

A recent research conducted with bout fifty smokers proved that e-cigarettes had helped them in reducing the time, as well as amount, of smokes being consumed in general without creating extraction indications. The participants in this study wanted to decrease their smoking habits but were specific in stating that they did not want to quit smoking. The cigarette caused very few noteworthy negative effects on the human system. It said that since electronic cigarettes maintain the nicotine level in the blood (without ever dangerously increasing it ), it helped the smokers to maintain their desire of smoking again.

Easing the desire to smoke

This, in fact is a very commonly known fact. E-cigarettes have been known to reduce the desire to smoke. A study was conducted with a total of forty participants. All of these members were heavily reliant on tobacco. After they tried smoking electronic cigs, they said they could now better tolerate the need to have a cigarette. Another case study conducted on three people also approved of the point. These members had repeatedly tried to quit smoking without any success. They had previously used professional smoking cessation methods that had not helped them. However, once they opted for e-cigarettes, they found that they could stay abstinent for up to six months.

Lower toxicity levels

Researches conducted by experts have also proven that the vapor exhale by electronic cigarettes is far less toxic than tobacco’s vapors. The study was conducted by lighting an e-cigarette and extracting its vapors to investigate them. About two hundred milliliters of liquid was vaporized and twenty milliliters were then extracted back. These samples were then applied to murine fibroblasts in five dilutions. This was allowed to develop for at least twenty four hours. After that, the viability was measured. When the measurement was taken it proved that electronic cigs’ vapors are significantly less poisonous when compared to tobacco smokes.

The Online Study

Of course, no research is complete without data collection from online users. In 2010, an online survey was conducted where 96% of the voters said that e-cigarettes helped them in their quest to becoming smoke-free. They were very vocal about the fact the electronic smoking had helped them fight their dependency on smoking and their craving for a long puff of a strong cigarette. They also said that it helped them with their withdrawal problems. There were a total of 3,587 voters in the survey.


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