The Rise of the E Cigarette Empire

A lot of people in the present times can see how the electronic cigarettes are growing slowly but surely. They were created back in the year 2000 and launched within the markets worldwide in 2004. After the successful launch of the e cigarette, the tobacco industry has been seen to be facing many losses. This is due to the fact that people have become exceptionally health conscious now a days and the product they have to offer is quite a threat as it contains many chemicals as well as nicotine which is awfully addictive and can deteriorate the condition of many organs in the human body.

The e cigarette empire can be seen to be getting bigger and bigger due to the fact that it is currently in the spotlight where millions of smokers and the general public are appreciating the creation of a user as well as environment friendly cigarette. The tobacco industry, ever since these cigarettes were created, has faced a massive amount of low sales in various locations of the world. It does not affect them as much as it is supposed to since they have been distributing tobacco cigarettes since a decade and it is going to take a while for the original cigarettes to become scarce. According to some studies, about billions of people are likely to be smoking the electronic cigarettes by the end of 2016.

In terms of sales, the e cigarette industry has been two steps ahead of the tobacco industry, even when their product, and the entire concept behind, is new. Moreover, the customer base of these cigarettes has also increased by a long shot over the past couple of years. The tobacco industry has faced a lot of negative publicity and a ‘thumbs down’ from various health organizations as well as campaigns due to the fact that original cigarettes are a huge threat to the well-being of humans these days. This has contributed to the fan base of electronic cigarettes as many people who fondly used to smoke the tobacco cigarettes before can now be seen to be smoking the e cigs for good.

It goes without saying that the e cigarette is no threat to the health of smokers or non-smokers. The fact that it helps people quit smoking is something that gives all the more reason to people for switching to them. Moreover, people who want to experiment with smoking can also try these out as they do not in any way get anyone addicted since they do not contain cocaine or any other chemical that may encourage addiction. These cigarettes work with water and puffing them only brings out vapor which is created by the heat that is produced in the process.

An e cigarette is undoubtedly what people should move forward to since the tobacco cigarettes are exceptionally dangerous and by purchasing them, they are only increasing the sales of the tobacco industry. The e cigarette stands undisputed as the best alternative for smoking in the present times.


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