The Rise and Rise of E-Cigarettes

The e cigarette can easily be called the invention of the decade because of its popularity and the amazing amount of benefits one can consume with its usage. Nearly twenty years ago, before the invention was actually a reality, one always saw doctors telling their patients to quit smoking if they wanted to live healthy and long lives. However, now when a patient goes to their doctors and tells them that they might be experiencing some health problems due to their addiction to smoking, doctors immediately ask them to switch to e-cigarettes instead of completely letting go of the habit.

The e cigarette industry has truly brought about a revolution in the world of smoking and the cigarette industry. Before this amazing technology came forth, one simply used to consider all smokers as fools who were on a suicide path. On the other hand, now, when people see someone e-smoking, the immediately appreciate how the individual has changed a bad habit into something more positive. They are quick to mention how the smoker has chosen the safer option – something that will be better not just for the smoker’s family but also for the environment in general. This truly has been a ground-breaking invention.

If one tries to dig deeper into the facts and figures that relate to the e cigarette industry, they will quickly realize that the change may have been bigger than what they suspected it to be. what were only seven hundred and fifty thousand sales four years ago in 2010 rose up to two and a half million e-cigs sold in just the very next year. There was no looking back ever since. 2012 proved to be another stellar year with the figures falling just short of the four million marker and the next year saw even higher sales figures that raked in high amounts of profits for the makers of this incredible invention. Many figure-collecting firms have stated that the e-cigarette industry is easily the fastest growing industry for a long time.

Way before the e cigarette industry saw this upsurge, the smoking industry tried another tactic to get smokers to try a healthy and less damaging method of smoking. These were called nicotine patches and they were quite popular too. However, they never really succeeded and their use did not sustain. When experts and professionals tried to decipher why this might have been the case, they came up with the conclusion that smokers like to get a kick out of letting out a puff and are addicted to the nicotine. With e-cigs, the makers decided to keep the “drag and puff” feature of smoking and reduced the nicotine levels to the minimum, along with zero tobacco levels, making it a much healthier and safer option but with the same kick.

People also often comment that the small nicotine levels can still prove to be bad but no one can deny that nicotine along with tobacco is a lethal combination while nicotine alone may not prove to be fatal for one’s lungs. Also, the typical e cigarette is available in many varying flavors including mint, cherry, lemon, chocolate and the like.



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