The Roots of E-cigarettes

E cigarettes have become so firmly incorporated in the American and European culture today that people find themselves trying to remember when they first began. Although a lot of e-cig users today would be able to successfully dictate all their benefits and their uses, a large number of people are not aware of the history of the e-cigarette. For example, many people would not know that the human race has known something quite similar to an e-cig since the 1960s and the 1970s. Surprising it may sound but it is entirely true. Read on to learn more about the history of this magnificent device.

Early Traces

The very first traces of the typical e cigarette can be traced way back down to the 1960s – 1963, to be exact. The man who first claimed to invent an e-cig was known as Herbert A. Gilbert. He said that he had come up with a device which, if studied, is quite similar to the modern e-cigarette. His device was something that burnt a nicotine solution to burn steam and was called something that did not produce smoke or contain tobacco. Gilbert was quick to patent his device but it was never something that got popular, even though he was approached by a number of firms that were looking to commercialize the product. This device disappears from history after 1967.

Chinese Era

Soon, the Chinese were amongst the first people who showed an interest in developing an e cigarette. A man called Hon Lik is the one who is officially recognized as the inventor of e-cigarette. It was in 2003 that he had the first idea to develop an electronic cigarette. He had an idea to use a piezoelectric ultrasound-emitting component that was vaporized in nicotine. The design then ignites a vapor that will resemble smoke but will be less harmful than a cigarette, even though it will allow tobacco to enter the blood stream. The first company to market the product was called Golden Dragon Holdings and they sold the first e-cig in 2004. In 2007, the company received its first patent to sell the product internationally.


When the first e-cig was launched, it was only a typical three-part device but it continued to evolve and become better from then on. The XL distributers then created a cartomizer that went with the typical e-cig kit. After that, a lot of newer tobacco companies sprung because the cartomizer played a huge role in making the e cigarette more popular than it was ever before. This was because it now resembled a tobacco cig’s taste a little more.

2012 onwards

With the rise of e cigarettes, companies began to shift their focus from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs because they now recognized a potentially new sector in the industry. They were able to understand that soon, tobacco products may become completely obsolete and will not be used by a major portion of the population. Today, e-cig deals are nearing an average of a billion dollars with firms looking to acquire patents on the sale of the device.


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