Shape, Size and Components of Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarettes intervened in the world of technology in 2004. The Chinese invented this device as an alternative to the tobacco smoking.

Shape and Size of Electronic Cigarettes:

o   Mostly electronic cigarettes are long shaped tubes.

o   Many of the electronic cigarettes appear to look like the product that the smokers used conventionally, i.e. like a cigarette, a cigar, or even a pipe.

o   Some of these devices resemble to the ballpoint pens (or the biros)

There are two types of electronic cigarettes:

  1. Automatic Electronic Cigarettes

The user suck through the mouthpiece and a sensor then activates the heating element. This heating element vaporizes the liquid solution that is held in the mouth. However, it is up to the user that he will like to have nicotine in the flavored solution or not.

  1. Manual Electronic Cigarettes

The manual electronic cigarette carries a little button, which automatically switches the heating element on or off. LED is installed in it, which indicates that whether the device has been activated or not, when the user inhales through the mouthpiece.

Components of electronic Cigarettes

  • The Mouthpiece

Another name for mouth piece is ‘Cartilage’. This is basically one of the ends of the tube that is fixed. There is also a plastic cup within the mouthpiece. This small plastic cup carries an absorbent material that is immersed in the liquid solution. This solution may or may not carry nicotine, according to the choice of the user.

However, there are certain electronic cigarettes available as well, which uses drip tips instead of cartilage. In drip tips, the drops of liquid are directly placed into the atomizer bridge, as the absorbing material is eliminated from it.

  • An Atomizer

An atomizer in the electronic cigarette is a heating element, which performs the function of heating the liquid. This basically causes the liquid to be vaporized, which then produces a smoke. This smoke produces a feeling similar to that produced by a cigarette. This smoke is then inhaled by the user. After every three to six months, the atomizer needs to be periodically replaced.

  • A Battery

Battery is usually the largest component of an electronic cigarette. The battery that is mostly used is rechargeable. Mostly a lithium-ion battery is used, which powers the heating element.

The life of the battery depends on the following factors:

  • How often you use it.
  • The type of battery used
  • The size of battery used
  • The operating environment


  • Some Other Electronic Components
  • Some sensors are installed within the new versions of electronic cigarettes. These sensors automatically activate the heating mechanism, as soon as the ser sucks through the mouthpiece of the device.
  • On the other hand, there are some electronic cigarettes present, which have a button that the user needs to press whenever he sucks.
  • Many of the electronic cigarettes have an LED (Light emitting diode) build within them. The LED directs the user when the device has been activated.



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