Should consumers prefer starter kits

E smoking has revolutionized smoking experience for its users. The consumers can have the same sensation of smoking a regular cigarette by smoking something much healthier, free of tar, carcinogens, smoke that causes harm to their own selves and the environment. However, few people realize the real method of usage of this appliance and the fact that they must take some measures, such as the use of starter kits, before fully transitioning to an e smoker.

Starter Kits are designed mainly for people who have recently transitioned from the traditional tobacco cigarette to electronic cigarette. For them, to get used to this healthy alternative it is very important that they first consume starter kits. Starter kits taste just like tobacco cigarettes so that it would not be too hard for new users to adjust to the transition. Immediate switch from traditional cigarette to an ordinary e cigarette kit would be inappropriate; as a user will not receive the same pleasure and sensation they receive from tobacco cigarette and could relapse to the deadly habit of smoking tobacco. Relapse would cause hindrance in their “harm reduction” or nicotine replacement therapy, they might perceive e cigarette as ineffective, and lose faith in nicotine therapy, and the tobacco cigarette continues transmitting deadly diseases. Therefore, the transition has to be unnoticeable for consumers to benefit from the harm reduction therapy as much as possible and so that they remain benefitting from it without hindrances

The attachments present in each starter kit vary from their brand but most starter kits have a basic charger, an atomizer and a pack of cartridges. They only have basic tools for usage of the appliance though the flavors can be customized and the consumer can choose the level of nicotine. Although most starter kits only offer basic cigarette flavor such as menthol or tobacco, some kits also have variations.

The cost of purchasing starter kit is usually less than of the ordinary kit. They usually cost from $ 35 to $ 150, depending on the brand. Therefore, they are more cost effective than purchasing the ordinary kit.

In addition, before the consumers spend as much as $ 200 on a regular kit with several attachments and components, it’s better to buy a starter kit to gain familiarity with the brand. If the product turns out to be unreliable, the loss will be lesser as compared to the loss of buying several attachments and components that may go to waste.

To ensure a safe smoking experience, starter kits have a double lithium ion battery and the cartomizer, to fill the E liquid and the atomizer, which vaporizes the e liquid. The numbers of cartomizers is increased 5 times in starter kits, to ensure a safe smoking experience and are composed of a heating element and poly foam soaked in liquid. This combination makes the e cigarette less complicated and easier to use. It also makes the use of e cigarettes a lot safer as there are reduced chances of electric shock and explosion by mishandling the product.


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