How to smoke an E-cigar

Smoking electronic cigars is done the same way as one might smoke a regular cigar with the exception of having to babysit the cigar. With an actual cigar, one has to first inspect it for imperfections and lumps that tend cause a hindrance in the experience as well as the taste. Also, when one has to light a cigar, the act requires a decent bit of finesse as the whole end needs to be lit correctly. When doing so, one has to aim at getting an even burn so that they can draw easily and evenly and not just focus on the big red cherry in the end.

Electronic cigars require none of this; one simply has to pick one of them up, inhale and enjoy the taste and flavors. That’s all there is to it. Amazing isn’t it.

In the case of traditional cigars, one has to keep puffing on at least once every minute so as to stop them from burning out and avoiding having to keep on relighting them. This just makes them lose their integrity and they will just start tasting like smoke instead of the flavor they were supposed to taste like.

On the other hand, electronic cigars do not cause any worry of that kind as they are all about an e liquid that tastes like a particular cigar such as a Havana or a Cuban. One does not have to worry even a bit of then turning off or burning out because it is one’s inhaling that turns on electronic cigars.

If one does not finish a whole cigar, all they can do is throw it away as they tend to go stale really quick and never taste the same again. This is the reason why it is important that cigar aficionados have a good humidor. With electronic cigars, one can simply puff on them whenever they want and for as long as they want, while remembering that they are still as potent as nicotine.

One should remember that they do not have to inhale the vapor of electronic cigars; they just have to hold it in their mouth for a bit so as to savor the taste. So are there e-cigars better than the premium ones? Definitely not, though they are indeed a good alternative for occasional cigar smokers who don’t actually require the real thing and just like having one once in a while.

Usually people love the conventional cigars as they like having the actual experience and taking a few drags to relax. Though most cigar lovers an electronic cigar with them as well, even of it is just to show off to their friends or as part of their collection. The best thing about an e cigar is however, that they can be smoked inside the house without having to stink up the whole place. This, if nothing else, would make the wife happy and one would have one less thing to worry about.


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