Smoking goes to another level

An e cigarette is essentially a vaporizer that is powered by a battery and replicates the feeling that one gets when they smoke an actual cigarette. Also known as e cigs and personal vaporizers, these devices produce a mist instead of the actual cigarette smoke. Generally, they have a heating element that is used to vaporize a liquid solution inside that is known as an e liquid. These e liquids that are used by an e cigarette usually are made of a blend of propylene glycol, nicotine, glycerin and flavorings. There are also others that contain similar ingredients but do not have any nicotine.

There is still a considerable amount of uncertainty as to the risks and benefits of using an e cigarette, though evidence has suggested that smoking electronic cigarettes might be safer than using tobacco smoking products. There still isn’t enough data out there to make generalizations or draw conclusions from but e cigarettes may possibly be safe just like other products that replace nicotine. However, there is the risk that they may cause an addiction in those users specifically that do not have a smoking habit already but having said that, there is still no solid evidence of use that is ongoing in the people who haven’t ever smoked.  They might promote the delaying or deter the quitting smoking process.

The emissions of an e cigarette contain glycerol, aroma transporters, flavors, propylene glycol, tiny particles, carcinogens, heavy metals as well as other chemicals. It has been indicated by evidence that no health concerns are warranted by the level of these contaminants according to workplace safety standards. When compared to cigarette smoke, the mist of e cigarettes contains fewer toxicants. And it is suggested that they are less likely to be harmful to the users as well as the bystanders. Though there have been less serious complaints from the users of electronic cigarettes and they include vomiting, mouth and throat inflammation, cough and nausea.

The frequency of the usage of e cigs has increased as over ten percent of high school students in America have started to use them as found out by a survey conducted in 2011.  Those who try e cigarettes usually continue smoking the conventional tobacco cigarettes. The current e cigs actually rose from an invention that was first made in China in the year 2003 and even now these devices are often manufactured in China. The marketing that was used way back in the years 1960s and 1950s to sell traditional cigarettes is now being mimicked by the increasing number of e cig brands these days.

Still, in many countries, the e cog legislation is being debated due to the possible relation that it has with medical drug policies and tobacco laws. In February 2014 however, regulations were passed by the European parliament that require the standardization of personal vaporizers, liquids, listing of ingredients and the child proofing of the liquid containers. So e cigs have entered the market but whether they will stay for long is still a question.


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