Smoking Wannabes Use E Cigarettes to Replicate Smoking

The number of smokers is increasing rapidly world over. Psychologists put forth the major reason for smoking as tension and stress. Some of the latest studies reveal that many people begin smoking just for the sake of trying it. And once they get addicted to smoking, they simply say it that it is the best way they find to find relief from stress. When the root that causes it is reached, one finds that most people just begin smoking out of the purpose or because of the peer pressure they face. E Cigarettes are a better thing to use in this case and these are the reasons why.

One reason for e cigarettes being a better alternative to smoking is that they do not include harmful components like tar and nicotine in them. This makes them safer to use and do not cause the diseases caused by the traditional tobacco cigarette. E Cigarettes use thermal reaction to replicate the features of a cigarette. The user does not inhale a harmful smoke like that in the traditional cigarette. Tar present in the regular tobacco cigarette is poisonous for the lungs and the sticky component gets deposited on the lungs causing blockage and infections.

Many young people, who begin smoking just for the reason of showoff, can use E Cigarettes for the purpose as it is not harmful. They wish to smoke just to prove themselves grownups. But as a consequence they fall prey to the most dangerous diseases like lung cancer and mouth cancer. An E cigarette seems similar to the regular one when being used. The smoke and light effects, make it seem real enough. Several movies try to use E Cigarettes as a replica to tobacco cigarette as their way to promote this new device over the previous more harmful one.

Anyone can now get his own E cigarette kit by simply ordering it online. The kit comes with varied number of cigarettes and a charger in the form of their container. E Cigarettes can be bought and used without worrying of the consequences of smoking tobacco. Many side effects like wrinkles and bad breaths can be avoided by using the electronic cigarette rather than tobacco. The electronic cigarettes are even harmless for dental health. So, for those who wish to smoke for the reason of showoff cannot find a better way to smoke. Thus the electronic cigarette wins the race by fulfilling the utility but not causing harm to health.

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