Some Cool Facts about E Cigarettes

E cigarettes may seem very ordinary things now that they are pretty common in use. There are certain facts that are very eye catching about them. Here are some of them.
No Ash, No Burns:
Many people complain of having skin burns by accidentally touching the front part of a cigarette or due to the falling ash on the skin. The pain is agonizing, and it also leaves a mark on the skin where it comes in contact with it. The marks can be long lasting and even permanent. The e cigarettes on the contrary do not include ash. Well, they do not even include a flame. Creepy or amazing this fact may be, but it is true that there is no danger regarding fire from an e cigarette.
Another very repetitive things happens at home when a bigger piece from the front of a cigarette falls onto a carpet, it burns the carpet from that place. Although the burn may not be as much as to make a hole in it, but the change in color is surely there to be seen. The marks cannot be removed and they make the whole carpet look very ugly. By using an e cigarette rather than the traditional tobacco “burning paper and a piece of foam” cigarette, the risk for such happenings can be nullified.
No Pungent Smoke in the House:
Smoke is a mandatory part of a regular cigarette as it is the primary emission. The user of a cigarette might enjoy the smoke that is going to kill him one day, but the other members of the house may not be as stupid. Several people complain about having a family member who smokes cigarettes and does not forgets to take everyone onboard while doing so. The e cigarettes do not have smoke emissions thus they do not cause coughing or sneezing to anyone who comes in contact with it or inhales it. The steam is harmless and does not causes a pungent feeling like the smoke does.
The nicotine containing e cigarette can be an exception as it can cause allergic reactions to the one who inhales it. But the non nicotine containing smoke does not have harm even to the children. Talking about children, those kids whose parents smoke cigarettes either in front of them or away, they are likely to try this act themselves. In case of a regular tobacco cigarette, this is bad news. Although smoking of e cigarettes is not recommended to children under 18 years of age, yet even if they do smoke it once a while, it is unlikely to bring them any harm. A cough may follow the smoke warning the parents and then everything goes to normal in the worst cases.
An e cigarette is of a great use when the smoker does not want to burn carpets, sofas and eventually the whole house. When he feels that he should not let others cough of agony while he himself enjoys a tobacco cigarette, a smoke can use e cigarettes instead.

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