Some Facts about Using E Cigarettes

E cigarettes are devices that replicate the effects of regular tobacco cigarettes without causing the troubles that are part of tobacco cigarettes. There are some facts people over look while talking about the benefits of e cigarettes. The first one amongst them is that they produce no smoke. Although it seems very obvious but the fact is that it means that there is no usage of matches or a lighter, neither are there any emissions while lighting an e cigarette. More tobacco cigarettes one uses, more is he putting himself at risk of dangerous diseases that can cause death. But an e cigarette does not have the chemicals responsible for the diseases caught from using cigarettes. This way, e cigarettes pose a lesser health threat for people who use them.
There is nicotine found in the e cigarettes but the buyers are at full liberty to choose what strength they require at the maximum. They can select the lesser nicotine containing one for it is way less harmful. So much so, that the buyers can also buy an e cigarette that has no nicotine at all. The cartridge installed in them is made nicotine free so that they have zero density of nicotine inside. E cigarettes are now being manufactured by numerous companies worldwide. The demand has increased rapidly making it a pretty hot selling object. Some companies in the United States are making millions from selling thousands of e cigarettes each year.
However, a point that has to be brought in the consideration of the viewers is that e cigarette manufacturing companies are careful not to directly market their products to children. The reason for that is that they are not entirely nicotine free as the buyer can purchase the nicotine containing one. Children are at risk of trying to do something stupid in order to look cooler than others. Furthermore, the United State laws forbid sale of cigarettes including e cigarette to the children who are younger than 18 years. Another fact about e cigarettes is that they are pretty pricey. When compared to the regular tobacco cigarette, the ratio is way too large than what is cared for to mention. Looking at the health hazards, the tobacco cigarette has, the price of an e cigarette is quite justifiable. One packet of e cigarettes can cost the buyer anywhere from $60 to$150. The packet includes several reusable cartridges and a battery.
An e cigarette requires maintenance during its usage. There are mainly two things that require maintenance, one is the battery and the other is the liquid. Battery needs to be charged regularly and if it wears out then the user has to insert a new one. The liquid also gets finished and thus the user has to refill it either by replacing the entire cartridge or by pouring the liquid in it. An e cigarette is being marketed as a product that can be used at any places, even in the public as it poses negligible threat to the lives of the user and of those around him.


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