Spotting Con Reviews in the E-Cig Industry

As an industry grows and its horizons become vaguer, it becomes incredibly easy for fake sellers and con artists to take advantage of customers who have decided to join the bandwagon and purchase stuff from the ever-growing industry. Just like all these successful industries, the e cigarette industry has also seen an upsurge in con sellers who fool innocent customers by offering to sell potentially amazing e-cig products (that do not even exist) and then seem to completely disappear once then payment has been made. However, what is even stranger about the e–cig industry is the fact that here, there are many fake online reviews that try to manipulate the customer’s opinion about a particular e cigarette brand by writing positive reviews about products that they are selling themselves. In this article, a number of ways to avoid such con reviews (and ways to spot them) have been mentioned.

The first thing that one needs to figure out is if the reviewer has actually ever used the product they are so vehemently writing about. It may be hard to believe this but a lot of people write reviews simply for the heck of it and they have never actually used that brand of e cigarette. To determine if the product has actually ever been used, one must look for visual evidence. In today’s day and age, everyone is capable of taking pictures and recording videos. So surely, someone who is writing a good review will try to incorporate a few good pictures of videos that show them using the product. If those are there, then it is highly likely that the review is genuine.

Next up, one must always try to figure out if there is a certain type of bias that can be seen in the review. Many e cigarette sellers pay writers to pen down positive reviews for their product and thus, a lot of these reviews will say numerous positive things about a specific brand. If the reader feels that the review has only good things to say about the reviewed brand of e cigarette or that the writer seems a little too excited about the product, it is highly likely that the review is fake and is written by someone who has probably never even used the product. Conversely, it is also highly likely that if a review only says bad things about the product or there are only negative things in the review, then the review has probably been penned down by a competing brand that wants to bring a bad name to the mentioned e cigarette brand.

Lastly, it is always good to check out the writer’s reviewing history. If there is no such history available, then the writer was probably a hired essayist. If there writer has a history of writing about only one brand and continuously praising it, then again, the writer is probably paid. The writer whose review should be believed needs to be unbiased, should present visual evidence and must also have a history of writing on diverse subjects within the e cigarette industry.


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