Still going old school? Move on! Disposable Cigarettes are the new rave!

Hitting the market back in 2008, Disposable Cigarettes, also known as Disposable Electronic Cigarettes, are still going strong with the biggest developing market in the UK. They are purchased mainly for trial purposes, acting as a gateway to the eventual usage of the more permanent E-Cigarettes. Taken up as cessation aids to bring to an end years of addiction; they are considered healthier alternatives to conventional cigarettes as well as superior to nicotine pills and patches. Hence, Disposable Cigarettes are the perfect solution to satisfy burgeoning curiosities as well as incessant cravings!

How They Work:

These electronic manna from heaven vaporize liquid nicotine along with additional flavors, catering to the users’ addiction while keeping their surroundings safe. Brought to life by drawing a vape from the rear end of the device; the atomizer installed in a Disposable Cigarette heats up the liquids, causing them to vaporize.

Curious? Read through the top 5 advantages of the hottest sensation in town!

They’re Safe:

Disposable Cigarettes are the ultimate alternative to inhaling some much craved nicotine without the nasty, carcinogenic additives, prevalent in conventional cigarettes, contaminating the body. So, one can vape (not smoke!) without the risk of living fast and dying young!

They Serve Their Purpose:

That’s right folks, with Disposable Cigarettes nothing has to change, especially that undying love for some adrenaline inducing nicotine! Except, maybe an elimination of impending hospital bills by living a safer and healthier life.


Disposable Cigarettes, being flavored, keep the mouth tasting and feeling minty fresh! They never leave a repugnant aftertaste nordo theymakeone’s breath smell odd. Plus, it’s a great way to savor sugary delights without having to pile on weight! There’s chocolate, coffee, toffee and a lot more!

They’re Smokeless:

With Disposable Cigarettes, users inhale vapors instead of smoke. In addition to that, the residual exhalant does not contain harmful chemicals that would put others at risk thereby eliminating the common phenomenon of passive smoking. The way the tip of the device lights up with every vape is fun to watch the first few times. Vaping is, after all, an experience unlike any!

They’re Portable:

Disposable Cigarettes never make a mess! How? There’s no ash, no stench and with their ability to be lit without the use of an external heat source, Disposable Cigarettes are a lot more portablethan they are given credit for. They have also proven to be better travel partners than their conventional counterparts, hence, a dearth of lighters and ashtrays keeps one feeling free to vape, whenever and wherever they want!

While conventional cigarettes have been verified to contain chemicals like ammonia (used in toilet cleaners), methane (sewer gas), methanol (rocket fuel), toluene (industrial solvent) and many more such horrifying oddities, Disposable Cigarettes steer clear of them.

Though it is a bit of a task to keep replacing vape juices and charging batteries it’s worth it because- YOLO! You only live once!


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